Lidar Industry Insights

MOVIA™ L for ADAS and Fully Automated Forklifts

MOVIA™ L is a 3D solid-state lidar sensor for object detection, localization, and mapping. In addition to enabling automated automotive applications, it is an indispensable ally for the industrial sector, including integration into ADAS and fully automated forklifts.

Thanks to its solid-state lidar technology based on a semiconductor solution with no moving parts and a 50 G shock load, the sensor is extremely robust and reliable. Unbeatable life-time hours and permanent operation allow for higher productivity and efficiency in warehouse operations.

Combined with MicroVision’s perception software, MOVIA™ L offers an exceptional 3D resolution that allows a seamless integration into complex workflows, while always ensuring safety. It provides:

  • Configurable 3D zone detection for collision avoidance
  • Obstacle recognition, even for small objects
  • Recognition of salient objects from the shelves


3D zone detection
Obstacle recognition
Recognition of salient objects


The sensor also anticipates potential hazardous situations in advance thanks to the advanced high-frequency perception.

MOVIA™ L guarantees peak performance in busy warehouses, for long-hour days, at extreme temperatures, and enormous vibrations.


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