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MicroVision's Sensor Fusion: A milestone for Next-Gen Driving Systems

MicroVision's lidar-centric fusion system for ADAS and AD applications

Key Features

  • Lidar-centric sensor fusion combining MAVIN™, MOVIA™, and other sensor modalities
  • Detection capabilities enabling broad ODD (operational design domain) of ADAS and AD functions
  • Unprecedented precision for predictive ADAS behavior
  • Cost-effective design through optimized compute architecture


MicroVision's Sensor Fusion Illustration



With Sensor Fusion, MicroVision presents a trend-setting milestone for next generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving Systems. Sensor Fusion will enable a broader functional scope at constantly increasing speed ranges that minimizes disturbances for the passenger and maximizes comfort.

Next generation L2+ and L3 applications require high-performing and safe systems at a new level. With Sensor Fusion, we realize a 360-degree field-of-view coverage with a heterogeneous sensor setup for passenger cars and trucks. These sensors include lidar, radar, cameras, and other sensors, each with their unique strength.

Our mission is to create a new generation of safer, more efficient, and reliable autonomous systems for our transportation ecosystem.


Dense Traffic at Highway Speeds

With our sensor fusion technology, the autonomous system gains a full 360° view from all sensors, allowing it to detect and identify all road users and obstacles in its path. This unparalleled awareness enables the system to operate safely and efficiently at highway speeds, even in high-density traffic situations.


Encroaching vehcile

Our lidar-centric sensor fusion enables split-second decision making and anticipation of surrounding road user behavior for autonomous systems to understand fast and react quickly to changes in highway traffic.


Overtaking at highway speeds

Overtaking at highway speed requires reliable detection and long sensor ranges to the front and rear of the automated car. With sensor fusion, we combine the capabilities of each sensor technology to build an accurate and reliable obstacle detection and free-space representation to increase the availability of next-generation ADAS systems.


Adverse obstacles and environmental conditions

Physical constraints and sensor limitations can cause impediments in detecting obstacles and road users in adverse environmental conditions. Our lidar-centric sensor fusion utilizes the strengths of MOVIA and MAVIN sensors to overcome the physical constraints and limitations of all sensor modalities on the vehicle.



Five Sensor Fusion Icons

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