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MicroVision’s Perception Software Empowers OEMs to Focus on Making Driving Safer

The road is complex and filled with questions. What is ahead? A truck, a car, a pedestrian? How fast is it moving? What are its dimensions and how far away is it? The environment of a vehicle is multi-layered and extremely difficult to map because the real world is highly detailed, ever-changing, and requires the capture of a huge amount of data to incorporate all this information.

MicroVision’s perception software makes it simple. It takes the massive amount of data and measurements, and abstracts the critical information. So, when the vehicle drives, the key information is easy to process and can be used for quick decision-making. For instance, if a car ahead is slowing down, our perception software processes this fact in split seconds and enables a timely response.

Our integrated perception software works hand in hand with our sensors. The sensor is like the eyes: it enables the vehicle to see its surroundings, collecting data from the environment to generate a point cloud. Perception processes data from our lidar sensors and provides a reliable and accurate abstraction of the world. MicroVision’s perception software is the brain behind small object detection, lane detection, road boundaries and dynamic object tracking and classification. Object recognition is at the core of perception, classifying objects and road users as well as small obstacles and overhanging load. This is achieved using sophisticated algorithms to interpret complex visual information from one or multiple lidar sensors. In the end, our perception software provides an incredibly accurate and detailed representation of the environment, enabling OEMs to achieve a safe, reliable, and competitively advantageous driving application.

The integration of our perception software into our lidar sensors provides OEMs with significant advantages. It reduces power consumption because we utilize a highly efficient SoC and optimize our perception software for processing sensor measurements directly on the sensors. As external ECU hardware is expensive, our approach lowers costs and the system architecture is simplified as the sensor-specific perception processing is already done. These advantages allow the OEM to focus fully on the driving function.

MicroVision’s lidar technology with integrated perception software empowers OEMs to focus on what matters most: Making driving safer. Just like us.

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