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MicroVision Recap of A Successful CES 2024

CES 2024 held special significance for us, marking our first CES since acquiring IBEO last February. The acquisition, coupled with MicroVision's rich history and expertise in MEMS technology, sparked a synergistic effort and critical progress for the company that was evident at the show. We were energized by the high-value discussions and enthusiastic responses to our technology. Here’s a recap of our experience.


This year, we relocated our booth to the West Hall—the Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility hub—alongside neighboring lidar companies like RoboSense and Hesai. This move boosted MicroVision’s visibility as a pivotal player in the lidar space, with high traffic volume to showcase our product portfolio and capabilities.

Despite a lack of space to demonstrate our long-range (200+ meter) performance in the West Hall, we exhibited samples of our long-range sensor, MAVIN™ with Perception, at our booth. Designed for ADAS and autonomous driving applications, MAVIN™ is a fully customizable, low-profile, one-box solution that delivers object detection, classification, and tracking capabilities from longer distances.


The industrial sector at CES built quite a buzz around our MOVIA™ short-range sensor. Booth visitors were drawn to the accessibility and capabilities of this off-the-shelf product, which has a proven proficiency in navigating complex environments. With the ability to enhance safety and productivity, MOVIA™ is an invaluable asset for logistics operations and ADAS applications. We also featured prototypes of the next generation of MOVIA™, the MOVIA™ SRL, a smaller, lighter version also suitable for both automotive and industrial applications.


MicroVision CES Booth Kiosks



MOSAIK™ Suite, our sensor validation tool, also made its CES debut. Booth visitors were impressed with MOSAIK's unparalleled ability to validate sensor data, identify people and objects, and delineate road boundaries. MOSAIK’s capability to automatically generate labeled and ground truth data, as well as define drivable space, underscores its value in today's sensor landscape.


MicroVision CES 2024 Team


With CES now complete, we’re taking the Tiguan on the road to connect with potential partners. Our goal is to tailor solutions to specific industrial needs and to foster smarter, more efficient operations for our customers. MicroVision will also attend MODEX 2024 in Atlanta from March 11-14, providing attendees an opportunity to witness the versatility and depth of our lidar technology. Mark your calendars; it's a new year for lidar.

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