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MicroVision Introduces MAVIN DR at the AutoSens 2022 Show in Brussels

MicroVision at AutoSens trade show

This year’s AutoSens show in Brussels was the perfect setting to introduce our MAVIN DR dynamic view lidar system to attending OEMs, engineers, and specialists in the ADAS community. About 600 were in attendance for the exhibition, panel discussions and demos on sensors and sensor fusion approaches, and scientific methods on the improvements of algorithms. It was a great opportunity to connect with the experts in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology.

Booth demo

At MicroVision’s booth, videos were rolling that highlighted our MAVIN DR on the test track. Our video impressed visitors with MAVIN DR’s performance in complex object tracking and changing lighting conditions, as well as the fast response and clarity of our point cloud while performing at highway speeds. There was also a handheld sample unit available and a prototype of the future ASIC version to demonstrate MAVIN DR’s compact and OEM-friendly design. The sample unit was really a showstopper, with many guests expressing appreciation for the ultra-low profile form factor.

What we heard

Visitors who knew MicroVision from our past offerings were pleased to discover we were offering a high-performance dynamic view lidar system for autonomous vehicles and next-generation ADAS capabilities. MAVIN DR dazzled visitors to our booth with its performance on the test track, streamlined form factor, and OEM-friendly integration capabilities.

MicroVision booth at the 2022 AutoSens in Brussels.

What we saw

The show’s focus in recent years seems to have moved from classical sensors, like radar or ultrasound, toward mainly optical sensors with a strong focus on the autonomous vehicle field. Camera makers, developers of measurement equipment, and several companies that specialize in sensor fusion applications and simulation were the main players at this event. Only three more lidar companies were present, and MicroVision’s MAVIN DR definitely stood out among them for its impact in the areas of safety at high speeds, design innovation, and test track performance.

We are looking forward to many more demos at upcoming shows and conferences where MicroVision is sure to be at the center of shaping the future of ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology. Find us next at SIA VISION Congress 2022 in Paris on October 19th and 20th.

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