Lidar Industry Insights

Meet MAVIN™ DR: MicroVision’s Newest Member of Our Lidar Sensor Hardware Family

MicroVision MAVIN on vehicle roof against Seattle skyline

A ‘mavin’ is defined as an expert, someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field. When it comes to enabling a new generation of ADAS safety features, MicroVision lidar hardware and perception software is a mavin. And for that reason, when it came to naming our lidar product family and launching our fourth product today, MicroVision MAVIN felt like the perfect fit.

What is MicroVision MAVIN?

MAVIN is the name we’re giving to our family of lidar sensor hardware. Within the MAVIN family, we will offer several skus representing four different configurations of short-, medium-, long-range, and dynamic-range sensors. The MicroVision MAVIN lidar system is comprised of dynamic range lidar (MAVIN DR), short range (MAVIN SR), medium range (MAVIN MR), and long range (MAVIN LR) that enables new ADAS safety features, addressing the need to see farther, with greater clarity, and to respond faster to emerging situations.

What’s special about MicroVision MAVIN DR?

MAVIN DR combines short-, medium- and long-range sensing and fields of view into one form factor. Dynamic range is key to enabling ADAS features at highway speeds. ADAS systems need to be able to see what’s happening immediately around a vehicle (like if another car was suddenly to cut in) as well as dangerous situations that may be unfolding on the road ahead (an obstacle in the distance, for instance). 

At speeds of up to 130km/h, ADAS systems need more time to make decisions and act proactively and hence need resolution at range. The new sensor produces an ultra-high-resolution point cloud showing drivable and non-drivable areas of the road ahead. With its low latency point cloud (30 hertz), the MAVIN product line allows ADAS systems to respond more quickly, make split-second decisions, and take action at high speeds.

MicroVision MAVIN optimizes power to deliver maximum output while ensuring safe operations at all times.

An OEM-friendly form factor.

While the MAVIN product family enables driver safety, it has been designed first and foremost for OEMs. Lidar hardware needs to be integrated seamlessly into the design of a vehicle without detracting from its aesthetics, aerodynamics, or design language. MAVIN adopts a new organic form factor that provides more flexible deployment options for OEMs.

Designed and built for OEM supply chains.

Beyond the physical design, MicroVision MAVIN has been engineered to complement OEMs’ supply chains. Built with materials familiar to OEMs and used in their existing supply chains, MAVIN is scalable, sourceable, and supports a lower cost structure.

With safety as the next great differentiator in ADAS and autonomous driving enablement, we hope OEMs are just as excited as we are for what these advancements in hardware and technology can deliver.

Please join us in welcoming MAVIN to the MicroVision family.