Proven lidar performance in a smaller, lighter design for short-range automotive applications 

No moving parts

4D Output:
Point cloud & intensity image

Variable scan frequency

Class 1 laser product

High resolution

Protected from environmental influences

Low power consumption

Compact design

Key Features

  • Small housing and wide field of view
  • Developed according to automotive-grade standards
  • No moving parts and a pure semi-conductive solution instead
  • More robust and more reliable over a longer period thanks to the absence of mechanical components
  • With a transceiver unit with a resolution of 100 rows by 128 columns
  • It scans its environment multiple hundred times, row by row, using sequential flashing
  • Performs in adverse weather conditions due to its multi-echo capability
  • Easy integration into design-critical components, such as bumpers, thanks to small optical window
MOVIA SRL Parking Level 4
MOVIA SRL Pedestrian Crossing

Technical Data

MOVIA SRL Dimensions

Field of view

MOVIA™ SRL features a 150 degree optic, allowing a very wide field of view to advance autonomous driving in urban scenarios.

Depending on the use case, MOVIA™ SRL allows to tilt the vertical field of view in the range of ±22° without changing the tilt of the sensor.

Technology / Laser / OpticalShort range (150°)
Max. field of view (h x v)150° x 81°
Max. angular resolution (h x v)0.95° x 0.76°
Design range*14 m

*10% target at 100 kLux ambient light

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