Illustration of MicroVision MOSAIK's functions.


Validation of sensors and algorithms, enabling machine learning and AI projects

Third-Party Lidar Data Support

MOSAIK Suite™ supports selected lidar devices from other suppliers

Object & Lane Editing

Quick and intuitive tools to increase object and lane quality of the reference data manually

MVIS SyncBox Pro

Time management device that synchronizes all systems in the car to a single source of truth

Key Features

  • Offers the complete toolchain from a single source
  • Includes MVIS Auto-Annotation software
  • Automatically annotates objects and lanes
  • Scalable due to cloud-compatible architecture
  • Supports data of selected third-party lidars
  • Allows for manual editing of objects and lanes
  • Compatible with MVIS SyncBox Pro

MOSAIK SUITE™ Product video


Toolchain description.

System Architecture

Technical drawing of the system architecture of the MOSAIK Suite.

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