Illustration of MicroVision MOSAIK's functions.


Automated validation of sensors and algorithms, enabling machine learning and AI projects

MOSAIK™ Suite is a software tool that automatically generates labeled and ground truth data, providing invaluable support for validation projects and training data needs for AI applications. With unparalleled quality in labeled and ground truth data output, this tool can deliver quick, detailed insights into the maturity of your sensor systems.

Release 2.0 of MOSAIK™ Suite includes lane and road detection, plus new features such as traffic sign and traffic light detection; drivable free space analysis, critical for validating evasive maneuver planning; and ground detection for a comprehensive representation of the ground structure.

To see actual annotations, click on the tiles below.

Rendering of vehicle trajectory
Rendering of road boundaries
Rendering of drivable free space
Rendering of dynamic objects
Rendering of shape of ground
Rendering of traffic lights and signs recognition

Key Features

  • Includes MVIS Auto-Annotation software
  • Automatically annotates objects and lanes
  • Allows for manual editing of objects and lanes
  • Supports data of selected third-party lidars
  • Scalable due to cloud-compatible architecture
  • Offers the complete toolchain from a single source
  • Compatible with MVIS SyncBox Pro

MVIS Auto-Annotation

For fully-automated labeling of objects, lanes, scenarios, and more.

MVIS Smart Editing

AI-supported tool for semi-automatic data labeling.

Time & Money Saving

Leads to over 95% of time and money savings on data labeling.

Third-Party Lidar Data Support

Supports lidar devices of select suppliers

MOSAIK™ SUITE Product video


Toolchain description.

System Architecture

Technical drawing of the system architecture of the MOSAIK Suite.

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