Discover the MicroVision Products

MicroVision offers a family of automotive lidar sensors and solutions for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, and non-automotive applications, including industrial, smart infrastructure, and robotics.

For automotive OEMs, our products—engineered for precision and reliability—complement one another and add further depth to our complete lidar perception system offerings.

MAVIN™ with Perception

Dynamic range performance with object detection, classification, and tracking

MAVIN with Perception provides a customizable, low-profile, one-box solution required by automotive OEMs for a roofline product.

MicroVision MAVIN on vehicle roof

MOVIA™ Lidar Sensor and MOVIA™ SRL

Small, light, robust, and suitable for industrial and automotive applications

The MOVIA™ product family, developed according to automotive-grade standards, provides reliable sensors for versatile use cases such as agriculture, logistics, mining, nautic, and automotive.

MicroVision MOVIA 60° and MOVIA SRL


Automated validation of sensors and algorithms, enabling machine learning and AI projects

MOSAIK™ is a hardware and software suite that allows customers to automatically generate a comprehensive ground truth.

Illustration of MicroVision MOSAIK's functions.

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