MOVIA™ Lidar Sensor Automotive

Small, light, robust, and suitable for short- and mid-range automotive applications

No moving parts

4D Output:
Point cloud & intensity image

Variable scan frequency

Class 1 laser product

High resolution

Protected from environmental influences

Low power consumption

Modular optics concept

Key Features

  • Developed according to automotive-grade standards
  • No moving parts and a pure semi-conductive solution instead
  • More robust and more reliable over a longer period thanks to the absence of mechanical components
  • With a transceiver unit with a resolution of 100 rows by 128 columns
  • It scans its environment multiple hundred times, row by row, using sequential flashing
  • Performs in adverse weather conditions due to its multi-echo capability

Technical Data

Technical drawing

Technical drawing MOVIA Lidar Sensor for Automotive

Measurements apply to 60°-sensor configuration

Modular Optics Concept

MOVIA™ lidar sensor features a modular optics concept, allowing for quick and resource-saving adaptation of sensors during production to fit every use case. The same core components are usable with modular optics to allow variable fields of view. Depending on the application,
60-degree or 120-degree optics are available.

Technology / Laser / OpticalShort range (60°)Near range (120°)
Max. field of view (h x v)60° x 37.5°120° x 75°
Max. angular resolution (h x v)0.23° x 0.38°0.47° x 0.75°
Design range60 m40 m

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