Break free
from the huddle
Create a bigger screen experience
from your HDMI-equipped smartphone,
tablet, laptop and any Apple iDevice
Share ideas, collaborate and present business
analytics, videos and other work-related content
with plug-and-play simplicity.
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SHOWWX+ HDMI offers the easiest experience
and simplest connections to devices that you
don't want to leave home without.
+Always in focus
+Fits in your pocket
+Widescreen resolution
+Connect and project in seconds
+HDMI digital connectivity
+Bright, vivid colors
+HDCP compliant

While keeping its seamless compatibility with Apple
products, SHOWWX+ HDMI now connects to a wide array
of HDMI-equipped devices:
+Smartphones such as iPhone®, Nokia® and Android™
+Apple iPad®, iPad 2, BlackBerry® PlayBook™,
and Windows® 7 tablets
+Latops, notebooks and netbooks
+Digital cameras and camcorders
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