The SHOWWX takes a long time to start up. Why?

It is normal to take about 15 seconds for an image to appear, about 25 sec for the unit to be ready to use.

Why doesn’t the SHOWWX turn off when I push the power button?

Hold the POWER button for about one second, the blue power LED will begin to flash and the unit will shut down within about 2 seconds.

What is the green line that shows up at startup and then sometimes during playback?

The green line is a normal laser calibration procedure.

Sometimes, when the units turn on, there is a slight ringing sound when powering up. What is that?

The ringing sound is created by an internal component called MEMS during the power up cycle. This is normal.

How can I project photos from my iPod Touch?

First, make sure the SHOWWX is fully powered. Then connect it to the iPod Touch. After a few seconds, the message “Ready to Use” will pop up on the top left corner splash screen the SHOWWX is projecting. To project images, you must initiate a slide show on the iPod Touch (it will then send a video signal to the SHOWWX). Open the Photos app, open a photo album and tap the “play” icon at the bottom of the screen. This will initiate a slide show and send a video signal to the SHOWWX.

What is VGA?

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array.  It refers to what has become the default analog computer display standard.  VGA uses a 15 pin subminiature “D” connector.

What does Component refer to?

Component video provides higher resolution than composite video by isolating video information on three separate cables, usually RCA connector type cables with Red, Blue, and Green RCA connectors.

What does Composite refer to?

Composite video is a common analog video interface using a single RCA type connector cable between the source and the projector.  The connectors are usually yellow.  While very common, composite video has limited resolution and is being replaced by component video in many applications

What about sound? Does the SHOWWX have speakers?

No. For best results use either headphones or portable speakers that have a 3.5mm stereo jack. The iPod Touch and the 5th Generation iPod Nano do have external speakers that will work when the SHOWWX is projecting video.

Why can’t I hear anything when I plug speakers/headphones into the SHOWWX audio jack?

If you are using an iPod, connect your headphones or speakers to the stereo jack found on the iPod. If you are using any other device (via SHOWWX Composite Adapter or the SHOWWX VGA Dock, you must connect your headphones or speakers to the host device’s stereo jack.

What kinds of image manipulation can I do?

The SHOWWX provides:
Brightness: High, Medium, Low
Color Mode: Brilliant, Standard, Inverted, Gamma
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9, Normal 4:3, Zoom
These are all available by pressing the menu button on the right side of the SHOWWX.

Does the SHOWWX have keystone or pincushion correction?


I have a friend that has the SHOWWX and when we compare images they aren’t exactly the same size. Why?

Check to see if both devices are set to the same aspect ratio (widescreen versus 4:3) within the SHOWWX on screen menu.

The colors don't look lined up. Why?

The colors could be misaligned. Use the color alignment tool found within the SHOWWX on-screen menu to adjust the colors.

The image or text isn’t sharp. Why is that?

The image could be out of alignment. Use the image alignment tool found within the SHOWWX on-screen menu to adjust alignment.

Image does not look right (too tall, too short etc). Can I fix this?

Make sure image source and the SHOWWX are set for the same image handling i.e. Widescreen, etc. Refer to the SHOWWX user manual for more information.

The SHOWWX indicates the battery is fully charged (green light); why doesn't the
on-screen battery status show 100%?

The battery needs to be recalibrated to show the correct reading. To do so follow these steps:
  1. Insert battery into the SHOWWX, then plug the SHOWWX Wall charger into the SHOWWX and a power outlet.
  2. Charge the battery until the battery indicator on the SHOWWX turns green.
  3. Keep the SHOWWX plugged into the charger and power it on and check the battery level using the on-screen display. For information on how to do this, refer to the SHOWWX User Guide.
  4. If the unit reports a battery level less than 97-100%, remove the battery and wait for the "No Battery Present" message and then re-insert the battery while the unit is still powered on and plugged into the wall.
  5. Re-insert battery, power cycle the SHOWWX and check the battery level via on-screen display. It should read 100%.

What color bit-depth does the SHOWWX support?

32 Bit