Set Lasers To Stunning: Microvision Leaps Forward With Bright HD Prototype @ SID Exhibition

Matt Nichols

May 24th, 2010
by Matt Nichols

Take the pure natural brightness of our new 15 lumen laser pico projector prototype, add in the high contrast and high color saturation enabled by the PicoP display engine which further increases the perceived brightness, throw in a dash of super cool 720p and VOILÀ…the 720p HD PicoP should enable some stunning laser pico projectors!

But, that not all. Also planned to be on exhibit at the Society for Information Display this week are new PicoP development tools, eyewear and vehicle head-up display demonstrators, an immersive gaming demo and the award winning SHOWWX. It is quite a line-up!  Read more from the press release issued today.

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10 Responses to “Set Lasers To Stunning: Microvision Leaps Forward With Bright HD Prototype @ SID Exhibition”

  1. Can you comment on power consumption target for this as well as if speckle has been reduced for the 720p model? Thanks!

    Congrats to you all for the great work!

  2. Kristian Andaker Says:

    The increase in luminosity sounds great. In my opinion that has been the ShowWX’ biggest issue so far.
    Can’t wait to play with the prototype at the annual shareholder meeting.

  3. Uvula Says:

    What effect will having a better product you can’t buy now have on current sales?

  4. Gene H Says:

    What will this mean to the existing PicoP technology and products. Sounds like OEM’s would wait for the better unit next year.

  5. mir Says:

    Is/are there any youtube video(s) for the newer versions?

  6. George Says:

    I’m certain we would all like to see an “official” Microvision side-by-side video comparison with the standard PicoP and the new HD prototype projector. Could you please post one the blog?


  7. EarthKarma Says:

    Another great milestone for Microvision…it is only a matter of time before a lot of people come to understand HOW BRIGHT the future of Microvision truly is.

    Thanks for this update.

    CHeers, EK

  8. Jon Says:

    Any hopes of posting any videos from SID?? Thx

  9. iampicop Says:

    HD! Cool…

    Can you ask Alex if were winning the game yet??? its hard to tell.

  10. Tim W. Says:

    I’m FAR more interested in this:

    “Full-Color See-Through Wearable Display

    Microvision plans to demonstrate a see-through eyewear display prototype system that combines its PicoP display engine with a thin, lightweight optical system delivering clear, bright projected images to the wearer’s eye.”

    Info overlay is fine and all, but this has profound implications for Augmented Reality applications. Specifically, a see-through projected display would allow for a pair of tiny low resolution cameras to be used for registration purposes, since only the augmented bits of the environment need to be projected.

    Please post any specs or product availability time-lines that you can. I want to start working on building augmented environments now with those limitations in mind.