PicoP Gaming at Intel Extreme Masters World Championship

Ben Averch

March 2nd, 2010
by Ben Averch

The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship kicks off today in Hannover, Germany, and the PicoP gaming application is there!

As you can see, gamers are waiting in line to experience two different flavors of PicoP gaming excitement: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising on our weapon-styled projection display controller connected to an Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition powered PC, and the family-oriented title “The Sultan’s Rings” with our frisbee-like projection controller.

This is the third worldwide event that we have participated in with Intel to showcase these innovative prototype systems to gamers. We are very excited and encouraged by the response of hardcore gamers, and believe that our technology can bring a new level of immersion and interactive freedom to video gaming.

IEM World Championship features the world’s best gamers competing for $170,000 in prize money! Follow all the action on the IEM Home Page, and ESL World.

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8 Responses to “PicoP Gaming at Intel Extreme Masters World Championship”

  1. sturocks Says:

    Awesome. The Vision grows………..Keep it coming!

  2. Hello Ben:

    Congratulations on your promotion. Now you are among the “big guns”.


  3. John Grrard Says:

    I am a Vip consumer to be the first to here news of the launch.
    I was at macworld 2010 on Friday of the show. I didn’t think the display and your rep did anything to show off your product. Also you never send out any updates/ info to your VIP customers. I like the showWX but at the show and being displayed in standard room lighting directly down at the counter the product washes out pretty quickly. I think the price point of $500us is very high for this product. At a price point of $350us you would sell a lot more units. I would deffently buy one at $350 but I am not sure at $500. I might have bought one at the show which was disappointing but you had none. I think you missed out having a houndered or so to sell at the show. This would have gotten the product into the hands of so many people to do reviews of your product on the net. No one has one to be able to do any comparison reviews against other products in the industry.
    I an a sports video producer and I would like to use this product to show off my work to prospective clients. I have no was to determine if the ShowWX will work for me. Also I would like to be able to hook this product up to my video camera to play back content for my clients. The product is supposed to connect to composit output which is fine but how well I will be able to display the content in what lighting condition is hard to determine.
    John Gerard

  4. Dan L. Says:

    John Grrard makes a very good point. Time to stop the talk and do the walk. Quit with the hype and give the people something they can purchase and put in their hand. The share holders deserve much better than this.
    P.S. Give us some good news this time at the CC.

  5. ukedog Says:

    John Grrard hit the nail on the head. “Nothing to Sell”. This month is critical of the future of MVIS as investors have been promised green lasers and product to sell. If that doesn’t happen Ben’s frequent flyer miles will be more valuable than the stock.

  6. W. King Says:

    Launch date,launch date, launch date. It’s Showtime!!!
    Is there something you feel ou should be telling us? Is there a glitch in your PicoP somewhere? Let’s project!!!
    It’s time to get off the pot..

  7. For the past four quarters, investors were given the opportunity to ask questions on-line at the company’s blog site The Displayground… an official open forum to send in questions.

    This time around there is complete silence. That makes sense, because there is only one question on every ones mind. It may be asked in several different ways, but the question is the same…

    “The green laser supply and the US launch of SHOWwx.”

    The silence this time around could signify one of the two things…

    • You may get your answer, and some more, at the March 8th earnings conference call.
    • Microvision management has nothing to add to what’s already been said and any new questions are irrelevant and redundant at this time.

    What we do in either scenario is again entirely our own business… right?

    When it comes to stock price and how it may react to the news, or the lack of it, now that’s an entirely different question?


  8. Andre Duguay Says:

    I agree, I bought into Microvision several times in the last 4 years, from $0.90 all the way to $5.00. Assuming MVIS knows what they’re doing, I still believe its time to show a little leg and back up what they’re saying, Unless they’re just setting us up for another IPO. Hopefully their strategy -whatever it may be-will be a wimming one for us all. The product is sound, the demand would be there now if anyone knew about it. Is Corning still the only green laser supplier, what about Osram? Are they on board now? Enough promises through the years MVIS. Nows the time to put out. What excuse will you use on April 1st?
    A Tsunami ate your lasers??