ISMAR Thoughts

Ben Averch

October 21st, 2009
by Ben Averch

Hi all, as promised, please find my presentation at ISMAR above. It was a real thrill to be a part of the show, to meet the people who are implementing cool augmented reality applications today, and to get a sense for the coming groundswell for this technology. As the name suggests, ISMAR is a global event and there were people there from all over the world, representing business, science, academia, venture capital and so on. I got the sense that next year’s ISMAR would be absolutely huge.

It’s clear from the discussions I had with various industry members that a see-through wearable display that meets people’s expectations from both ergonomics and display performance is the big, obvious missing link in the AR solution story. We at Microvision are working hard to fill in this gap and create a technology solution that can allow this new market to take shape.

(On another note, during the dinner period, I brought out the SHOWWX and had a blast playing our standard reel of Britney and Christina videos on the walls, tablecloths and ceilings. There was a patio area, it was dark out, and I ended up projecting a gigantic Britney on the side of the hotel. It was awesome fun as you can imagine.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy the presentation and feel free to hit me up with questions (I’ll do my best to answer them).


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8 Responses to “ISMAR Thoughts”

  1. Martin Hillerby Says:

    Thanks for the update and pics Ben. Do you have a working prototype of the military goggles? On slide #13 on the lower right hand corner you show the smallest eyewear pic on the slide show. Is this a working prototype or a mock up like you mentioned the military goggles were at the show?

  2. John Says:

    Hey Ben,

    In your view, would you say it’d be fair to assume that you could conceivably give me an estimate on, if I were to expect a consumer version of the Eyewear no later than 2011, whether I was being overly agressive, hypothetically speaking?

  3. sturocks Says:

    I think Christina to be way hotter than Brit and far more talented. Can I borrow your SHOW? I’m sure it makes for a great conversation piece over drinks. May attract some talent in its own right :) I know that may not be totally politically correct, but life is short and we must think outside the box, on occassion. Thanks for the update. Keep the Vision!

  4. [...] has written about his experience on his official Microvision blog and has said they expect a commercial product by 2011.  It’s clear from the discussions I had [...]

  5. Olden Gray Says:

    Exciting presentation Ben. What was the reaction among attendees later when you were playing with the Show?

  6. johnnyblago Says:

    An attendee mentioned that you presented a wearable display with a 25% fov but the presentation mentions 40% fov accomplished in 2008. Any reason the 40% wasn’t shown?

  7. Thanks for the comments/questions, all…

    @Hillerby, we are working on the goggle display presently. Stay tuned. The glasses on page 13 are a mock up.

    @John, 2011 reference was to the military product.

    @Olden, people really love the SHOWWX. Especially college kids and younger folks. It’s pretty stunning.

    @Johnny, the 2008 40 degree FOV system is the property of our customer. The 2009 system on the same slide is based on our work on ULTRA-Vis and will also be a 40 degree system.

  8. Frank Says:

    Hi Ben,

    i want to bring your attention to an IC made by Maxim semiconductor MAX3600. it is a RGB laser driver for portable projector.