Goodbye for Now

Tiffany Bradford

June 29th, 2012
by Tiffany Bradford

I have written many posts for the Displayground over the years but this post in particular is bittersweet.  Bitter because after 12 amazing years at MicroVision, I have decided to move on to a new opportunity and today’s post is my final one on the Displayground.  Sweet because I am proud of what we have achieved with this blog since launching the Displayground in 2008 and I am happy to leave it as a legacy after I am gone. 

June 30th marks three and a half years of the Displayground, and I hold this blog close to my heart.  It started with an idea — we wanted a way to communicate about our business in a dynamic and current way, differently than what is possible with press releases and SEC filings.  Back then we had a team of bloggers contributing ideas from many areas of our business including marketing, sales, customer service, and investor relations.  Looking back, it is hard to believe that it was one of the first corporate blogs that included an IR component.

As our business has evolved and changed, so has the team.  The team is smaller, and therefore we may not post as often as we or our readers would like, but we will continue to use the Displayground to provide updates about our industry and our business as often as we can. 

In addition to sharing information via the blog, I have also been fortunate enough to talk regularly with many of our shareholders.  I know that the road has not been smooth as a MicroVision shareholder – it has required some patience to be an investor in this company.  People I speak with often want more information than we can provide.  It has sometimes been frustrating for shareholders and equally frustrating for me because what we are allowed to discuss is outside of our control – as a public company the guidelines are very clear and strict on communicating business status.  So within these limits, I will offer my parting opinion.  I believe in the PicoP technology and the market opportunity, I believe in the people and the team, and I believe that MicroVision has a path to success with a plan in place for commercialization.  So I will continue to listen to my gut instead of the noise from others who don’t share my belief.

I am grateful for the experiences I have been a part of and the opportunities that I have had here at MicroVision.  I have had 5 different jobs and worn many hats during my 12 years here.  I have had the opportunity to work with some of the smartest, most talented, dedicated and nicest people I have ever met.  MicroVision is a family and I will truly miss my friends and colleagues.  I am full of pride to have been able to contribute to “Image by PicoP®.”

So while I won’t be living MicroVision on a daily basis and I won’t be blogging on the Displayground, this company and the people inside and outside the company I have met will continue to be in my thoughts and I will continue to believe in MicroVision.  Thanks for being part of my 12 year journey and I wish each of you good things in your future.

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