Free Your Imagination with PicoP Display Technology

June 4th, 2012
by Dawn Goetter

43239312I marvel at how creative people and technical people, two groups you don’t typically associate with having a lot in common, share the ability to think outside of the box to foster innovation in their respective disciplines. MicroVision is encouraging people to go a step further and see outside the box as well with PicoP® display technology. Breaking down the constraints of the small display in a handheld mobile device or the dashboard of a car with PicoP display technology can free the imagination and open up a world of possibilities. At MicroVision we are heavy on the technical people who have pioneered the concept of seeing outside the box. As someone more on the creative side of the divide, I was thrilled when I saw how London-based filmmakers The Theory, directing team Tom Jenkins and Simon Sharp, are showing us how artists are thinking and seeing outside of the box with PicoP display technology. These guys have produced a short film using SHOWWX+ projectors provided by MicroVision that illustrates the amazing results of applying PicoP technology with its always in focus picture to reimagine filmmaking.  Speed of Light / aka/ The World’s Tiniest Police Chase is the world’s smallest police chase made with the world’s smallest video projectors. 100% projected and filmed for real with NO CGI trickery, Speed of Light features an escaped convict, a determined cop and a fully armed police helicopter! Tom and Simon not only directed and produced the film, they starred in it as well. Tom is the escaped convict and Simon is the cop. I wonder if they flipped a coin to see who would play which role? However they figured out the roles and all of the clever details they put into Speed of Light, the smallest police chase on film, the result is 2+ minutes of pure fun. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did!

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