CES Wrap up

Matthew Carmean

January 10th, 2010
by Matthew Carmean

Hey Guys!

We have just finished up today at CES. It was a great show, and I want to thank all my team mates for their outstanding 20 hour days to make this event successful. Here’s a quick recap of the key highlights.

We are totally jazzed to win the CES Honoree Innovations Award in the “Best in Mobile Accessory” category. PLUS…we were the winner in “Last Gadget Standing” on-line vote. The press coverage from this win alone translates to a very significant awareness boost. Expect to see some additional TV press coverage around the world from many stations/programs that shot stories at our booth, and plan to broadcast following CES. We will post all the buzz we find on our Buzz page over the coming days.

We are now focused on gearing up for our U.S. launch of SHOWWX, and after thousands of demonstrations of the product here, we are ecstatic to finally bring it to the U.S. It is still quite amazing to hear visitor after visitor say “That’s Awesome!”. We are really feeling good about this direct validation from actual end users about the product’s performance and functionality with a variety of devices including the iPod.

Our teammates Dave Lashmet and Andrew Rosen also did a great job of presenting the PicoP enabled application for first person gaming. While this is still a prototype, here’s an enthusastic review by gaming guru, Devin Coldewey, from Crunch Gear.

Off in our private meeting space, we had numerous meetings with companies interested in embedding our PicoP display engine into their next generation products. Customers who have already purchased our PicoP Evaluation Kit during 2009 are now getting in line for samples which are expected to be available at the end of the first quarter/early second quarter.

Finally, at our booth in the iLounge area we had a wonderful time delighting visitors with fun and humor from our Dr. Evil and Austin Powers look-a-like. The synergy between the world’s leading evil ‘laser’ villain, and his arch nemesis ‘groovy baby’ character was a big hit! Check it out Y’all!

See you back in the Northwest and more to come!

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11 Responses to “CES Wrap up”

  1. Cliff M Says:

    Great job at CES, Team Microvision!! There seems to be a tremendous amount of new interest in the PicoP. Looking forward to March and the US launch!

  2. Uvula Says:

    When you say “Customers who have already purchased our PicoP Evaluation Kit during 2009 are now getting in line for samples which are expected to be available at the end of the first quarter/early second quarter.” we don’t if this means the PEKs aren’t really available yet or if “sample” refers to something else. Please clarify.

  3. uncle phat Says:

    HOW are we going to launch product in U.S.A when we cant get a full launch out of our partners overseas because of shortage of green lasers?

  4. “PicoP display engine” refers to the *new* embedded module which will be available end of the first quarter/early second quarter per Tokman’s recent interview.

  5. Joe Berns Says:

    Ben, what makes them *new*…was there a previous embedded module?

  6. There is a “Gen 1″ module that is in the SHOWWX and the PicoP Evaluation Kit (PEK). The new PicoP display engine (PDE) that Matthew refers to has improved electronics for smaller package size, improved efficiency, etc. This new PDE is what we will offer to customers to embed into their products.

  7. J.Demitz Says:

    Many thanks for providing updates from CES. Couple of questions:
    1. Did Microvision exhibit color eyewear at CES?
    2. Can you provide some names of notable tech news pundits to visit the booth? (e.g. Leo Laporte, “The Tech Guy”)


  8. Joe Says:

    Ben, I remember a tweet where someone from MVIS mentioned you had a path to more lumenens. Is that correct and any idea how long for it to be incorporated into a new generation? Brightness is a big deal and I am hoping that laser safety does not stop any chance of a brighter display engine for the future. Thanks!

  9. As I recall, the long-term plan is an HD projection engine no bigger than today’s engine and brightnesses of 20-25 lumens. I suspect, based on the HD contracts for military, etc. that we should see HD modules in 2012.

    This is just based off memory and a bit of scientifically-based guesstimating.

    As I recall, HD requires lasers with smaller spot size and higher modulation frequencies. Basically, we need the solid-state green laser to do this.


  10. Dwayne Says:

    Will Microvision be exhibiting the Showwx at the Sundance Film Festival next week?

  11. ukedog Says:

    New and improved is meaningless if you can’t get anything into the marketplace. How many millions of customers are saying “Hey, I can’t wait to trade in my old model Showwx for the new and improved one.” Why don’t you focus on getting something into the market, anything that someone can actually buy and say “Wow! Look what I bought!!!”