CES Unveiled

Matt Nichols

January 6th, 2010
by Matt Nichols

Hey everyone, here’s a quick update on CES activities:

We issued a press release this morning from Las Vegas highlighting our planned exhibition activities.   We also started our week at CES last night at the media only event called CES Unveiled.  Over 800 media attended to get their first peak at some of the top innovations being exhibited at CES.  SHOWWX was awarded a 2010 CES Innovations Honoree Award in the mobile accessories category, and as a result we garnered a lot of attention from the press.  At times we were twenty people deep in front of our demo area.   According to CES there are over 6000 registered media coming to CES, so on the media front we’ll be busy.   Today we’re finishing the build of our trade show booth and preparing the final touches on our presentations for the week.  We’ll capture both video and photos and post them along with our observations and commentary during the week.  Have a great day!

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8 Responses to “CES Unveiled”

  1. John Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever you say man. The showwx is exclusive to Microvision and some minorties for showing off purposes anyways, there’s no where to buy it still. What’s the point?

  2. Hi Matt,

    Would you say that your comments in Barron’s were accurate? Lots of discussion on those comments…



  3. Martin Hillerby Says:

    Matt….there’s a MVIS phone number (1-425-882-6740)with a message to potential customers saying roughly you’re pursuing high volume sales in the millions but are unable to supply low volume opportunities or product sales of the PicoP presently (or something like that). Could you explain what this message means please? Does it mean you can’t supply any sales presently or simply any potential customers have to be willing to order millions? Why no low volume sales?

  4. JC Says:

    How do you explain this?

    “Following an extensive comparison of all pico technology options we selected DLP Pico™ as the most compelling solution to provide our customers due to its superior image quality, small form factor and energy delivering efficiency,” said Robert Lai, founder, chairman and CEO of Asia Optical.

  5. Tim Sanders Says:

    How is this years CES any different than last years. They didn’t even improve on the product after a year, they did nothing all year… 165 full time employees. Weeeeeeeeeeeh we get to prepare for a CES every year for two weeks and make promises and do nothing the remaining 50 weeks of the year. So much fun being in a company that has never done a single profitable thing for shareholders in its entire existence.

  6. Matt Nichols Says:

    Hi, I’ve been running around at CES, so I’ll try to get responses posted to questions either in the evenings or early mornings before the show starts.
    1) Jeffrey:I read Barron’s interview and my comments were not fully accurate. Some context is missing. In response to the reporters question about mass market pricing, he did not include any mention that we are very comfortable with our introductory pricing, supported by more demand than we can currently fill. Similarly, we briefly discussed Microvision’s strategy of embedding the PicoP engine inside mobile devices, which I always state is part of our strategy. Suggesting that our focus on SHOWWX is less important is not accurate.
    2) Martin:The MVIS phone number is a sales qualification and lead capture message. The message does not mean, nor is this message stopping our active and current engagement with lower volume, and niche applications.
    3) JC:TI issued a press release from CES announcing a DLP based digital camera design, built by Asia Optical (AO). AO works with many companies to bring products to market, including Microvision. We continue to work with Asia Optical and our relationship has not changed. The large market opportunity for embedded pico projectors is just beginning to emerge and different technologies, including PicoP, LCos, DLP, etc., will be deployed into a variety of consumer products, over different different timeframes.

  7. JC Says:

    Thanks Matt.

  8. Frank Says:

    do you agree with this review from PCMagazine for the SHOWWX? thanks.