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TV to Cell Phone + Pico Projector = Big Screen Experience from a Small Device!

Tiffany Bradford

June 9th, 2009
by Tiffany Bradford

Check out today’s article in the Los Angeles Times which highlights the opportunity to send live video to mobile devices on the newly available analog spectrum once the digital switch for television is made.  This will allow Americans to combine 2 things we love: cell phones and TV.  As mobile content proliferates and tiny displays continue to hinder the enjoyment of this content, pico projectors offer a solution to the small screen bottleneck.

Broadcasters compete to put TV on cellphones

The digital switch will let video be sent to mobile devices — phones, computers, car systems –  on the newly available analog spectrum.  Contenders include MobiTV, Qualcomm’s Flo TV and Transpera.

The digital switch is the end of one TV era, but broadcasters and device companies hope it’s opening up another.

Their vision for the future: a world in which we access live television not just on the big screens in our living rooms, but also on cellphones and computers in cars.

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