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The Displayground Blog. The Good, and Bad.

Matt Nichols

September 23rd, 2009
by Matt Nichols

In July we started asking you to share your impressions on the Displayground blog. We wanted to know what we were doing right and wrong, and how we could continue to make the Displayground blog an interesting information source for our many visitors.

Capturing the data from survey responses, here are some interesting results to date.

  • Visitors identify themselves as primarily investors (87%), the balance are students, partners, potential customers…and a few competitors (thank you competitors for visiting  the best pico projector technology site on the planet!).
  • Overall, visitors are satisfied (61.1%) or extremely satisfied (20%) with the blog. (12.2%) neutral, (2.2%) dissatisfied and (4.4%) extremely dissatisfied.
  • The #1 request: we ‘want more’ information on what the company is doing.
  • Graphical appeal was very high, with (57.3%) satisfied, (29.3%) extremely satisfied.
  • 89% of visitors check out the Displayground at least once per week.


What do you think about the Displayground?

Matt Nichols

July 1st, 2009
by Matt Nichols

The Displayground blog turned six months old this month.  Since we started, we’ve tracked over 50,000 visits.  As per our charter, our goal is to publish commentary, insights, cool facts, interesting tidbits and share overall information about our company and products and services that many of the visitors to our web site ask us about.  How are we doing against this charter?  And, what could we do to improve the Displayground blog for you?  Please take a few minutes and fill-out the simple blog satisfaction survey (click here), or access the satisfaction survey via the link in the column on the right.  Whether you love, are mildly amused, generally interested, or hate the blog…we want your feedback.  On behalf of all the Microvision bloggers, thanks for your input.

The Microvision Blog Goes Live

Matt Nichols

December 31st, 2008
by Matt Nichols

It’s official.  On the eve of 2009, we’ve got a live Microvision corporate blog!  Welcome to the Displayground.  Here you’ll find a variety of postings from our team of bloggers.   Check out our Displayground charter.  We’ve been posting to this blog for the past few months (in fact a few of you may have stumbled across some of our early test posts. Sorry for the tease!).  Why did we not just go live with the first posting a few months ago?  The short answer, we are a public company and the reality is that figuring out what we can and can’t say took a little time.  But, we’ve got it all figured out now, and we hope that you’ll frequently visit the Displayground and provide your comments.  Happy New Year!