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Turning Cell Phones Into Projectors

Matt Nichols

May 21st, 2009
by Matt Nichols

Check out and Forbes Magazine June print edition highlighting Corning’s Green Laser development for pico projectors.

Microvision Signs Supply Agreement with Corning for Green Lasers

Tiffany Bradford

May 4th, 2009
by Tiffany Bradford

As anyone who follows Microvision knows, securing a supply of green lasers for commercial production of our PicoP enabled accessory product has been one of our key goals.  Today Corning announced that we have signed an agreement for the supply of Corning’s G-1000 green lasers.  We plan to use these lasers to support our PicoP based accessory projector product.  This agreement represents a major supply chain milestone in the commercialization roadmap of our accessory pico projector product.  Following is a link to the press release:

Corning and Microvision Announce Agreement for Supply of Green Lasers for Microprojectors