I Was Ready For Some Football!

Tony Bussert

October 23rd, 2009
by Tony Bussert

Howdy fine folks!  It’s me again.  I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy getting ready to help support our distribution partners.  I’ve also been spending a lot of time with the SHOWWX laser pico projector, which is what I wanted to talk a little about today.

I’ve been using the SHOWWX on a daily basis.  It’s just starting to get to the time of year that by the time I get home it’s dark out so I’ve been using the SHOWWX while I walk the dog to watch TV on my Windows Mobile phone via Slingbox. It works great and I don’t miss anything.  I get some funny looks sometimes from people coming home from work but for the most part it’s been great!

More recently I was in San Francisco for my last hurrah before my wife gives birth in January.  I was staying at my best friend’s place which is across the street from the AT&T Park where the SF Giants play.  We heard some noise coming from over there so we went to investigate.  It turns out that this new football league was playing there called the UFL.  We stood in this area underneath the outfield wall and watched some of the game.  I soon realized that the University of Washington Husky game was about to begin, but we didn’t feel like leaving quite yet.  So I pulled out my phone, got the game up via my Slingbox, and then connected the SHOWWX to it and voila! College football on the wall!

We kept going back and forth between watching the field and watching the wall.  Pretty soon we had 8-9 people around us doing the same thing.  The live game in front of us was starting to wind down so we decided to go back to his place.  On the way back we watched the UW game on the sidewalk.  As we went into his garage and started to go into the building proper UW was getting ready to start a play so I stopped and put the image up on the wall right before we went in.  Jake Locker took the snap and threw a 49 yard pass for a touchdown.  We were jumping up and yelling in the middle of the garage!  It was a funny sight, but my buddy put it best, “With that thing (the SHOWWX) you’ll never miss the big moment of a game and can share it with those around you!”.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.  Have a great weekend!

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15 Responses to “I Was Ready For Some Football!”

  1. Michael L Says:

    Hi Tony,

    Please elaborate on what type of support you provide to the distribution partners.
    Can you also describe how the 8~9 bystanders reacted to the image? Were they so attracted/impressed by the ShowWX to try to follow you guys back?


  2. Uvula Says:

    The only people who read this blog are people who are already aware of your company. What is the point of teasing us by talking about a toy that you have that we cannot buy anywhere in the world even after several “product launch” announcements?

  3. Yes, I agree…

    “What is the point of teasing us by talking about a toy that you have that we cannot buy anywhere in the world even after several “product launch” announcements?”

    Anant Goel

  4. George Says:

    Hey Uvula! You sound rather impulsive. Relax! Try breathing through your nose for 15 minutes or so. Good things will happen in due course.

  5. John Says:

    Don’t let Uvula discourage you all from posting good stuff. The more innovative and exciting uses and announcements that get published and picked up by the search engines the better. Especially the the announcement of the Show WX being added the store :)

  6. Dan L. Says:

    I think it is a shame that investors don’t get to have our ShowWX for christmas in 2009, I too am wanting to get mine, but I have to hope and believe Alex Tokman knows the best path for introducing the ShowWX to the world and make the best profit. As Alex said at the ASM to be patient.

  7. Len Says:

    Hey Tony, Cool stuff, thanks for reporting. George, that is some funny stuff!

  8. George Says:

    Hey Anant! You also sound a bit tense bud. Have you tried calling LG? According to your Bolg, they might have some SHOW WX’ on hand. May I suggest that you try the nose breathing exercise as well?

  9. Martin Hillerby Says:

    Tony, I hope you’re not using your SHOW WX HTC and Slingbox to watch them play Oregon. How do you like using ShowMate? Does it cut down on the connections (wires) presently? Would you recommend it when we can buy a SHOW WX for ourselves before we get embedded?

  10. MICE! I still want 3or4! GO MVIS!

  11. Molly Says:

    Thanks Tony,

    Thanks also for your patience if we tend to dwell on the availability of the ShowWX for our own purchase.

    I have a very real need to use the ShowWX for my own product presentation and I have signed up (first day) to be a VIP. I understand that I can order one now (to be shipped from AU I assume). I don’t want to suggest that money is no object, so if I lived in WA, would it behoove me to wait for info directly from MVIS?

    Saving some amount in shipping is not really what I am referring to. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  12. GO MVIS indeed!

    I love the showwx its got to be one of the better pico’s of the moment, I just cant wait to see what you guys bring out next!!


  13. Ryan Says:


    Since the ShowWX won’t be available to purchase until 2010 in the United States, could you please post the online locations/retailers in Australia or other countries where it may be purchased in 2009? This would be greatly appreciated by myself and others. Thank you!

  14. Frank Says:

    hey guys,

    i want to bring your attention to an IC made by Maxim semiconductor MAX3600. it is a RGB laser driver for portable projector.


  15. Diamond Says:

    It has been well over two weeks since the last post. Are things really all that quiet in Microvision land?