PicoP Evaluation Kit: Video

Matt Nichols

August 28th, 2009
by Matt Nichols

Here is a closer look at the PicoP Evaluation Kit (PEK).  The PEK is an evaluation tool for product design engineers to let them ‘test-drive’ a laser display for pico projection applications.  The PEK is offered at a sub-$5K price, and as stated by a recent PEK customer “the value and benefit of being amongst the first to evaluate, test and design potential products based on an ultra-miniature laser-based pico projection engine is well worth the investment”. Supporting our future strategy of embedding the PicoP display engine inside OEM’s mobility products, we’re pleased that customers from a wide variety of industries have already purchased and used the PEK to explore a range of prototype and proof-of-concept laser display applications.  Specifically, customers are evaluating and designing product considerations ranging from mobility devices, automotive and aerospace products, and medical systems equipment to industrial 3D modeling devices, non-contact precision measurement, and wearable display innovations.

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  1. sturocks Says:

    Excellent presentation. Clearly demonstrates a superior picture quality and PicoP advantages. Thank you.