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Miguel Khoury

September 17th, 2010
by Miguel Khoury

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“The hot trend in pico projectors these days is alternative light source technology. This can mean LEDs, which last much longer than traditional lamps, but the latest and greatest thing is laser projection. The Microvision ShowWX is a WVGA (848×480) laser pico projector that delivers serious performance. Its 10-lumen output is perfect for small image sizes, and the use of laser projection means the image is always in focus–no matter what. So project wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like. With the Microvision ShowWX in your pocket, your presentation is ready when you are.”
(September 14, 2010)

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8 Responses to “SHOWWX Review on”

  1. George Says:

    Sort of ridiculos IMO that Microvision didn’t include a simple tripod threaded hole in the SHOW WX. That would have addedd so much more utility to the product.

  2. Hi George:

    The VGA Dock for the SHOWWX does feature a standard threaded tripod mount.



  3. daniel Says:

    I really like the pico laser projector, but I’m disappointed about the spherical appearance of the display that distorts the picture. It really needs to be straightened up like many projectors. I’m really let-down by that effect, which would make my computer drawings seem distorted during presentation. Can you guys fix this please, because I really want one.

  4. George Says:

    Well there’s some professional reviewers that are not aware of that. But thanks for enlightening me.

  5. Forgotten Wisdom Says:

    Here is the quote from Projector Central:

    “No tripod mount. Incorporating a screw mount for a miniature tripod is a great convenience feature, but the ShowWX does not have one. This means you’re forced to hold the projector or set it down on the table. The projection angle is well suited to this – the bottom edge of the image is at the same height as the lens centerline, so the whole image will appear above the table – but a tripod mount would increase flexibility and make the ShowWX more versatile. Tripods also make small projectors like the ShowWX harder to “muscle around.” Sometimes, since the projector is so light, tugging on the cord can move it around on the table.”

  6. Ivo Says:

    Microvison= next Microsoft (hopefully)

  7. GT Says:

    Just so you know…NO NEWS is NOT GOOD NEWS…No NEWS STINKS….

    stepping out of the way with no comment so that NON EXISTANT OEMS can define their product…

    Did Uniden do this? Did Nokia do this?…

    and now this phantom OEM that probably doesn’t even exist

    This is the best you can do?

    right now you have a 2$ stock because the market doesn’t believe you have ANY significant orders, and doesn’t believe that new OEMs will announce ANYTHING about their products…

    You have an OEM signed?


  8. The gorilla tripod works just fine without a threaded hole. Why no new postings since September 17? The beleaguered shareholders could at least use something else to talk about besides the price per share!