SHOWWX Demo…About as real as it gets

Matt Nichols

June 16th, 2009
by Matt Nichols

My associate, Russell Hannigan (Director of Product Management for Consumer Projection Displays), and myself have been in Orlando this week at Insight Media’s Projection Summit. And, Ben Averch (Marketing Manager) has just flown in to participate on a panel discussion on the emerging opportunities in 3D. This is not a large event, only about 150 attendees, but extremely focused on the developments in the projection display area. For those attending they are getting a very up-close look at the emerging Pico Projector category. In addition to Microvision’s SHOWWX, also exhibiting in the pico projector category are BTendo, 3M, Micron (DisplayTech Engine) , LG Electronics (DLP pico engine), and Spyro Optics: Jabil (DLP engine). While our ‘engine’ technologies have fundamentally different approaches to projecting an image, it is very positive to see all these players in one place. The market is real and growing! And, being able to participate in the side by side comparisons does not get any more real than this. Speaking of ‘real’, check out the recent posting by PocketNow.

One of their bloggers, Daniel Webster, visited our offices last week and captured this demo of SHOWWX. Nothing fancy in the production, but this will give you a good idea of SHOWWX if you have never seen it in person.

Everybody have a good day. I have to head back to the Projection Summit event. Talk to you later. Matt

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5 Responses to “SHOWWX Demo…About as real as it gets”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Very informative video, thanks guys! We need more of this type of content showcasing the ShowWX! :)

  2. John Demitz Says:

    Can you post Ben’s presentation on this website? Thanks.

  3. George Says:

    Yes! The market for Pico projectors is real and growing. However, the multitude of LED based light engines (Read: heat engines), only amplifies the desireability of the PicoP light engine. Microvision clearly owns a corner market on the increasingly busy micro-projection Blvd. Soon, there will be only a couple of players left on the playing field. The cellular carriers want embedded ASAP and Microvision’s technology seems to be the desired tech — maybe the only tech!

  4. John Demitz Says:

    Do you see e-book readers as a potential application for the PicoP? Kindle doesn’t have backlighting and can be difficult to use in dark environments. A PicoP-based ebook reader would be an attractive alternative.

  5. John, thanks for the questions/comments. I owe you a reply to two posts. 1) I actually video taped Ben Averch’s presentation at Projection Summit. The audio quality was pretty bad, so I’ve been trying to fix this and if successful will post his presentation with supporting slides. 2) I was visiting with my father last weekend who has a Kindle. I know what you mean about the readability. If the Kindle could support VGA or TV out (which it currently does not), SHOWWX could certainly be a secondary display source. This would be the same for any other type of e-reader host device, assuming the application that downloaded the e-book allowed the host device to display the information through the VGA or TV out source. This might be an interesting use of SHOWWX for individuals with low vision too? Ahhh, the application experiments/opportunities that await us when the product begins to ship. Thanks for the questions/comments. Matt