PicoP Gaming Applications hit Intel® Extreme Masters

Ben Averch

December 10th, 2009
by Ben Averch

Hi all,

I’m here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where the people are warm and the weather is…not! For the next three days, Microvision will be showcasing some innovative new uses of the PicoP display engine for gaming applications at the Intel® Extreme Masters North American Championships, taking place at the enormous West Edmonton Mall. Intel Extreme Masters is classed as the biggest gaming tournament worldwide, with six events around the globe and a total prize pool of $530,000.  Our press release issued earlier today is HERE.

As you can see from the video above, Microvision has designed a unique handheld first-person shooter projection game controller prototype that uses the PicoP display engine to project images on any surface. Using the infinite focus capability of the PicoP display engine, combined with a motion sensing module, it’s now possible to play video games on multiple surfaces, all while tracking your character’s point of view in 3D space.

At Intel Extreme Masters, we’ll be putting this prototype projection game controller into the hands of some of the world’s best gamers, playing the ultra-realistic combat simulation PC game “Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising”. We think the PicoP gaming application is an exciting new way to take first-person shooter games to the next level of interactivity and immersion, and it will be great to hear first hand what championship-level gamers think about it.

We will also be demonstrating a family-oriented title that uses a simple, disc-shaped PicoP-enabled projection game controller. Gamers will have the chance to steer the character Aladdin on his flying carpet around pyramids, through canyons and across the desert to re-capture the five missing rings of the Vizier, just by tilting and waving the projection disc. These demonstrations highlight the versatility of PicoP technology for a wide variety of gaming experiences.

Big thanks to the folks at Intel for inviting us. We’re all looking forward to a great show!

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18 Responses to “PicoP Gaming Applications hit Intel® Extreme Masters”

  1. Michael L. Says:

    Why does the color in the video look so bland…?

  2. I may be off the wall, but I see military and police training applications here.
    Great job MVIS, again this is this is the type of innovation that keeps me a shareholder of MVIS

  3. Mitchell Says:

    colors in vid games can be more monochromatic then what you’re used to seeing. For example my wife has Fallout 3 on the Xbox and my first words were…”What’s wrong with the color”? the game is meant to have a greyish washed out color palette.

  4. GT Says:


    can you link this video to a PR that has been issued?…everyone should see this…

  5. Mitch Says:

    That’s very cool! As a player of Call of Duty one of the biggest issues is that the screen stays still but the point of view moves so there is some ackward tracking that takes place. It looks like this would totally take care of that and be much more natural way to aim in a first person shooter. If you need a beta tester call me!

  6. Tim Says:

    Awesome, but it looks like you high-pass filter the angle so you can project it on a flat wall. Would be more awesome to use a cylindrical wall and no filtering! I’m sure you could easily get some white sheet and hang it from a ring…

  7. Jason Says:

    Cool! You might also want to hide the weapon and possibly the HUD for a more immersive experience.

    Of course, getting this on an affordable wearable display would be even more awesome :)

  8. Rick Nutal Says:

    My 25 year old son an avid 1st person shooter, thought it was brillant. He can’t wait to buy one!

  9. person Says:

    omg…PLZ MAKE THIS!!! I WANT ONE NOW for Christmas! this company is so cool…i want that projector!! can u imagine modern warfare or a hunting game in a lan party tournament with just these, SOOO sic! microvision is fuckn sweet. whatever these guys is sic.

  10. A very encouraging development – this is exactly what I want to see, PicoP coupled with 3d space awareness to give essentially an unlimited screen size, albeit that I would like to see in in HD eyewear – a video wall in my pocket. It would be interesting to see exactly the same set up working with http://bumptop.com/. Bumptop is a 3d windows desktop environment and I suspect that it would be very easy to integrate the two for the purposes of a similar demonstration orientated to the working environment rather than gaming. Finally, I understand the point made above that the washed out colour pallett is a “feature” of some games. It would be good to see the same demonstration but with a choice of game that shows off the PicoP’s rich colour capability that featured in some videos posted earlier.

  11. John Says:

    Another PERFECT application for eyewear glasses. You’re such a tease, Ben. :)

  12. technabob Says:

    microvision and intel demo pocket projector game controller…

    I’ll start out by saying that I’m really not all that excited by all these pocket projectors. At least not yet. I mean really, how many of us really need a tiny dim projector when we’ve got giant 60-inch LCDs and Plasmas in our living…

  13. Joe S Says:

    Tecnabob, but can you carry your 60 inch LCD from room to room, out the door, in your car, at work? I don’t think so.

  14. Looks good guys. Again you can’t just put the projector on top. The aim is wrong. it needs to be coming out of the barrel so it’s right when you aim. BTW your not infringing on my Patent are you? GameGun – NetworkData.com

  15. Mike Says:

    Hopefully, future versions of these games will keep the video gun hidden and only the player’s ‘projector gun’ will be in-play. I don’t get following the in-video gun around with the player’s gun. I would rather play as if my eyes and gun were the only ones in the game.

  16. Anant Goel Says:

    You don’t need green lasers to launch this game genre… right?

    Anant Goel

  17. Martin Hillerby Says:

    Couldn’t you have got a news reporter to do a decent review of the TWO devices? Possibly some videos of gamers using the devices and their comments? How about MVIS themselves taking some pictures? It seems the pics of the game devices next to the door could have been shown on MVIS’s website since it was public. Why no MVIS in depth coverage?

  18. nrp Says:

    Interestingly, this is literally exactly what I was planning on buying a PicoP based projector for when they become available. My plans involved hollowing out an old lantern cell flashlight and putting in the projector, a Beagleboard, and a 3 axis magnetometer.

    A Beagleboard can’t quite push those levels of graphics, but it would keep the whole package contained in a small enclosure.

    The gun form factor looks quite workable as well.