My SHOW WX Experience

Tony Bussert

April 17th, 2009
by Tony Bussert

Hi there.  Most of you don’t know me so I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Tony Bussert and I’m the Product Support Manager here at Microvision.  Mostly I spend my days in the trenches helping customers work through their tough issues.  I also get to play with a lot of handheld type gadgets so I’ve got a pretty good feel on what kind of experience I’m looking for in handheld technology.  Because of this when Macworld rolled around this year I was asked to participate and help man our booth.  We had a great show, but the time I had the most fun was after the show was over.

I stayed a few extra days in San Francisco as I have a friend who lived within a few blocks of the where Macworld was being held.  I was lucky in that the company let me keep one of the projectors until I came back to work on Monday.  I had a lot of fun shining it at restaurants, streets and buildings.  The most fun I had though was at a bar called O’Neil’s by the ATT ball park.

My friend and I went to O’Neil’s to give his wife a break from our rowdiness and watch one of the NFL playoff games.  When we got to the bar it was pretty crowded, but we were able to find a couple of seats together.  The problem was that there was a pillar blocking about half the TV screen.  So I put my technical thinking cap on and said to myself, “Self, we can figure a way to watch this game and have a little fun at the same time.”  There was a menu stand in front of us and a white paper place-mat behind the counter.  I grabbed the place-mat, put it in landscape mode (hehe) and put into the menu holder.  Next I turned on my AT&T Fuze, brought up my SlingPlayer, changed the channel to the game and then hooked up the SHOW WX to the TV Out cable that I had for my phone.  Voila, my friend and I could now watch the game unobstructed!

We sat there watching the game intently, but after a few mins I noticed we started to gather a crowd around us.  At one point there were people that could clearly see the normal TV, but were watching the game from the projector.  It was like drawing moths to a flame!  Once a commercial came on I started to get all the normal questions about pricing, availability, technology (you are using lasers? Cooool!).  Everyone agreed how cool and handy having a small projector could be and were amazed that we could actually see things in a lighted room. All in al a great response.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for the time being.  You’ll see guest posts from me on here every once in a while and you can also follow my posts for the company on Twitter.

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6 Responses to “My SHOW WX Experience”

  1. Ten Jedd Says:


  2. videoctr Says:

    Thanks for the blog post, you demonstrated an interesting social experiment with the Show WX. In a sense you represented the archetype “torchbearer”, people were drawn by your light. Knowledge sheds light. Light is knowledge. I can go all day with the metaphors.

    There are other lessons in your post. That is, the context of place.
    A concert violinist plays in a metro station, playing a Strad. Do people care or take notice?

    What is the take home message here?
    What assumptions can we make about your experiment and the concert violinist?
    Is there a lesson here for Microvision, selling their product in the market place?

    Some things to think about:
    *The context of “place” has an important role to play.
    *Things are judged based on juxtaposition with other things.
    *Life is vibrational, energetic, it has a feel to it, some things don’t go together in certain settings.
    *To sell something, presentation is everything and make sure you have the attention of your audience.

    Self Awareness:
    Am I present in the moment or asleep?
    What gifts are bestowed but go unrecognized, do I see the golden opportunities moment to moment?

    Just say’n.

  3. Ellis Says:

    Awesome! That was exactly what I was talking about in my comments on the previous post. Thanks much Tony

  4. Steve Howard Says:

    Soon I will have one more reason to ‘relax’ in a bar with friends …

    Not that I am jealous, you understand …

  5. Great!

    Now can we have someone else [other than Microvision insiders or pay for play media] tell us about their SHOW WX experience? To get that, I think, we just have to wait for the first “pay for play customer” of SHOW WX… sigh.

    Anant Goel

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    Is Microvision ready for the challenge… we just have to wait and see!

    Anant Goel