KING 5 News: Microvision’s SHOWWX

Miguel Khoury

April 6th, 2010
by Miguel Khoury

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4 Responses to “KING 5 News: Microvision’s SHOWWX”

  1. At 1:46 in the video, it looks like we may be seeing the first images of the new embedded module. Any chance you can publish a few photos of the new module along side the stand alone module and the PEK with a quarter (and a phone) for scale?

  2. Hi Paul:

    We are working on this and will have some up shortly.



  3. Martin Hillerby Says:

    I noticed that the new embedded module Paul mentioned above (1:46 into the video) has a Class 3B rating. If this is embedded into a phone will the phone get the same Class rating as the SHOW WX (Class 2)? Could you tell us how you get a Class 2 rating with the SHOWWX when the laser (Corning) is rated Class 3B? I realize the power rating for Class 2 is 1mW and so is the SHOW WX. Can you go above 1mW and still get a Class 2 rating? Also can you get higher lumen outputs and keep the same Class2 rating if you keep within the 1mW power rating by using lasers with better efficiencies? Any update on when you’ll have those photos up and running you mentioned to Paul?

  4. Hi Martin:

    At this time I really cannot comment on the various ratings of the embedded module and the devices that it will be in. Currently we are working on a brochure that, besides showing the latest images, will go into detail on the embedded module. This will be published shortly….