iPad + SHOWWX = Work-Worthy Combo

MicroVision Marketing

June 21st, 2011
by MicroVision Marketing

Check out this article from GigaOm for tips to make your iPad “work-worthy”, including using our very own SHOWWX laser pico projector to power your presentations. Lugging around your laptop can be a burden, especially for business road warriors that jet around from meeting to meeting or from the home to the office. That is one of the reasons why an iPad is an appealing option compared to laptops. Pair your iPad with the sleek and portable SHOWWX or SHOWWX+, and you now have a presentation device that is hassle-free and ready for both on-the-go and office use. Check out the full GigaOm article here. 


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One Response to “iPad + SHOWWX = Work-Worthy Combo”

  1. Tike Says:

    That’s really thnkiing out of the box. Thanks!