A short break in the action

Matthew Carmean

January 27th, 2009
by Matthew Carmean

Following the successful debut of the SHOW WX at Macworld and CES I’ve only continued at the same light speed since returning to the office. I can now finally can catch my breath and answer a couple of the questions from previous comments.

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Approximately how many visitors are swinging by the booth?

At both Macworld and CES we had a small booth so the maximum we could demonstrate to at one time was 10-12. I’d guess we probably demonstrated to over 1000 people at Macworld! Our neighbors really liked us as the traffic also meant they got more people too!

How do you intend to differentiate your product from those of others laser-based technologies?

Lasers are only one aspect of our PicoP Display Engine. While the benefits of Lasers help deliver fiddle free focus and wide color gamut amongst others, the real differentiation comes from our MEMS. The combination of MEMS and Lasers allow us to create a premium user experience in a very small package. The right combination of size, power, performance, and cost are critical to embedded applications and lasers help us achieve that. At the end of the day it’s not about Lasers or LEDs, it’s about the entire system and the value it delivers. Kind of like the iPhone touch screen. It was not the first “Touch screen”, but the way the software and hardware worked together to create a better experience than existed before. Now look at all the touch screen cell phones, but even then, it’s still not like the iPhone.

Can you give us a quick story of a real world experience?

Honestly so many come to mind. Let me describe my return flight from Macworld to Seattle. It was a late flight Friday night and I was dog tired. As I normally do I chit chatted with my neighbor just before take off. He was a sales guy for a very large physical media company. I shared what I did and he became very interested seeing the SHOW WX. I had one in my laptop case as I planned to take it out and watch an episode of the Simpsons from my iPhone during the flight. Once we got up in the air I pulled it out and handed it over. He was extremely surprised. He didn’t think it was going to be this small. Since it was an evening flight the cabin lights were dimmed; think bedroom with one lamp. I projected a 10″ on the back seat, and even sneaked a 40″ diagnol on the ceiling, people nearby all jutted their chins up. I quickly started a small distraction. The lady sitting in front of me caught a glance of it and did a double take. This of course got her interested and we ended up having a discussion literally through the seats. She was an Education consultant and was very interested in this for consulting and training to small groups of educators. Even dog tired I still got excited.

No matter how many times I show people I still get energized when “regular” people see our stuff for the first time. It’s never a long discussion about what it does or when you can use it, or why you would, people just get it and can see how it fits into their lives.

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4 Responses to “A short break in the action”

  1. hewler Says:

    May I suggest that when you do start selling a display product, you try to get a video/demo to be included/imbedded.

    Just a short (30 seconds to a minute) video for people to show/share “stangers” that have never seen one before. I can imagine situations similar to your return flight experience…it would be a great way to spread the word.

    Maybe hit on how it works, what differentiates Microvision’s technology vs others.
    Quickly show a variety of things that can be done with it…movies, presentations, art(?), pranks, etc.
    Different capabilities of current product…battery life, size, focus, distance, brightness, input, etc.
    Where it is going…cell phone size, vr-glasses, etc.
    And, of course, plug the company.

  2. Anant Says:

    Hello Hewler:

    That’s an excellent idea. A good picture [or a great 30 second video] is worth more than a thousand words. Considering the short attention span people have these days, a 30 second video will convey the message more effectively than a 30 minutes of preaching the uninitiated in an over-crowded congregation.

    Anant Goel

  3. Ellis Says:

    Matthew, thank you very much for sharing your short story experience

    Ellis Says:
    January 6th, 2009 at 10:13 am |

    Matthew, during your recent travels, I’m sure you Matt and Russell have pulled a SHOW projector out from your pocket or briefcase in what would be considered, common public places. Airport, airplane, restaurant, hotel lobby etc.

    Most Senior editors are not taken by suprise and sort of know what to expect, especially if they’ve seen the SHOW in prior exhibits. What have some of the reactions been from common folk who have no idea this technology even exists?

    Can you give us a quick story of one of these experiences?

    Thanks Matthew.

  4. TEA Says:

    I’m surprised you guys haven’t made more of an effort to market in the Middle East. The region is full of people who live for the latest and newest cellphone or cellphone gadget.