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May 3rd, 2012
by MicroVision Marketing

You may have seen the link we posted on Facebook on April 26th to a Fierce Mobile Content report that YouTube is the largest source of mobile data traffic across all international markets. Citing a new report from broadband equipment vendor Sandvine, the story discussed how real-time video and audio streaming now make up half of all mobile data traffic in North America, a 55 percent volume increase over the last six months. YouTube now represents 27 percent of all North American data traffic and Latin America had a similar percentage with 24 percent of mobile data traffic from You Tube. In Europe and Asia YouTube consumption as a percentage of overall data traffic was a bit less than the Americas coming in at 17 percent and 14 percent respectively.

We did our own very informal (and in no way scientific) poll on Facebook, and You Tube was the clear leader for video consumption. Over 70 percent of respondents indicated You Tube is what they are watching on their mobile device with iTunes movies/trailers, Netflix and personal videos making up the remaining 30 percent between them.   

According to this report, media streaming could drive more than 60 percent of North American mobile data by late 2014 if it continues on the current growth rate. People are not just using mobile devices out of home for on the go information access. Usage on fixed networks is also growing with smartphones and tablets now driving 9 percent of total fixed traffic on North America’s household networks.

Whether someone is spending hours watching YouTube or consuming short video clips, the trend is clear:  on the go, and even at home, people are using smartphones and tablets to watch videos. Consumers may welcome the opportunity to enhance that viewing experience with embedded projection capabilities.  Watching the funniest new clip on You Tube by yourself is enjoyable. Projecting it out of your device so your friends can watch it with you and share in the laugh takes the experience to a whole new level. Tell us what you watch on your device on our Facebook poll.

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