Microvision’s Q1 2009 Conference Call Scheduled

Tiffany Bradford

May 4th, 2009
by Tiffany Bradford

Today we announced the date of our Q1 2009 financial and operating results conference call.  Details are included below for reference.

Last quarter we had a tremendous response to our call for questions and we want to hear from you again.  Please post your questions or suggested discussion points here or email them to me at IR@microvision.com.  I will aggregate your responses so that we can address the most frequent topics on the conference call.

Microvision, Inc. Q1 2009 Conference Call
Wednesday May 6, 2009 4:30 pm ET / 1:30 pm PT
Dial in: 866-730-5767
International Dial in: 857-350-1591
Passcode: 78102334
Webcast access: www.microvision.com/investors

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15 Responses to “Microvision’s Q1 2009 Conference Call Scheduled”

  1. TEA Says:

    How concerned are you about companies in certain countries (China) simply disregarding your patents and duplicating your product?

  2. homey Says:

    Thanks once again, Tiffany and Microvision, for soliciting questions from your investors in this pioneering use of a companies blogosphere.

    Show WX
    what will the date the first Show WX’s be available to consumers
    how much will they cost
    in what volumes will they be produced
    what will be Microvision’s profit margin for the Show

    will Osram’s laser be used in the Show WX
    when will Osram be supplying production lasers
    what is the Corning G-2000 laser and differences with the G-1000

    Embedded and OEM
    when will the first embedded cell phone be demonstrated
    how many OEMs are we working with on a production product
    when will we have an announcement about an OEM signing a production contract

    when will an eyewear demonstration be available to the public
    when or will there be any demonstrations of a 3D product – projector or eyewear

  3. Ellis Says:

    Tiffany, could you please give us a update on any embedded cell phone prototype. I understand that there will be very little that can be revealed but it was sure nice to hear the tid-bits that Alex talked about after Mobile World Congress 2008. It would be nice to get a update and level of interest for it especially after the announced Samsung projector phone


  4. iampicop Says:

    Do we have any production contracts with oem’s on the stand alone?. If so how many?

  5. Ellis Says:

    Can Alex provide more color on Ben’s statement regarding the “lens system”…

    “I’m pleased to share with you that we have designed and made a new bench top demonstrator of this lens system”

    Thank you

  6. Roberto Snodgrass Says:

    i’ve heard about competing laser projector technologies such as Samsung’s and others which use scanning laser’s similar to Microvision. Can you explain the advantages inherent to your IP compared to competing IP and how that translates into your future market share compared to competing scanning mirror pico-projectors, both embedded and stand-alone?


  7. I think investors need to have some better idea of what volumes to expect in 2009. During the last conference call, it sounded like we were looking at ~30k-50k in 2009. Has this changed?

    Thank you,


  8. #1 with me is when will (VIP Members)-we start getting our own “PicoP” standalones”?#2 Any update on Quanities (production volumne) of green lasers? Keep up the good work! GO MVIS! 2009 year of the “PicoP”! TY GEORGE!

  9. Ellis Says:

    Can you give us a update on shipped PEK’s and what sort of host products are being embedded with these in the labs

  10. Dwayne Says:

    Please discuss the printer/scanner status, along with the most recent patents.

  11. M.A.N. Says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Obviously, the first and most important question is…Does it work? Have enough green lasers come off of Cornings production line to begin “lifetime” testing or do you have to wait for those? How long will a simulated lifetime test take before you are confident enough to start selling the accessory unit?

    Thanks, Mike–East of the Pico’s

  12. I’d like to add my vote to the following:-

    When can VIP members get hold of the SHOW?
    Can you firm up expected production numbers by year end? 10k? 20k? 50k? More?


    Given that the economy has altered many company roadmaps, has the schedule for Embedded altered any?

    I’ve seen no mention of any sort of tripod or prop-stand for the Show. Is one planned? Or even just a threaded tripod fixture.

    Are you working in any way with the MIT “sixth sense” project?

    … guess I should stop there ;-)

  13. Tiffany. A suggestion which relates to the VIP Show sales program when it happens. A explanation of where to get your own with specs all the information that’s needed on a downloadble sheet(In color to give out) with a mail in form attached E-mail address etc.. Not all have a computer, We do have access to the good old United States Postal Service etc. If your are going to direct sell you will need to set up a visa acct. Price them the % they charge varies,should there be a dispute they,Visa ,MC, Am Express,Discover, etc. all automatically side with the buyer. You will have a grass roots sales force with all the VIP Members( Have a contest the VIP member with the most refferals wins, you guys pick the prizes). With my experience I could set it up for you, but nothing in life is free except the box of appreciation I keep on my porch. Keep up the good work! GO MVIS!

  14. MVIS: Protect Your Intellectual Property

    We know that the Pico projector market will be huge in the next few years. And sooner or later the competition will recognize that laser based Pico projection is the way to go… and single MEMS will be the least expensive and scalable solution to the huge potential markets world-wide.

    With that in mind, the question comes to mind: “how well Microvision is prepared and plans to fend-off infringement to its Intellectual Property in the future… for the sake of its future?”

    With the enormous size of the Pico projector market [in terms of units & dollars] the financial rewards will certainly attract competitors that will…

    • blatantly infringe;
    • challenge the validity of Microvision patents;
    • claim conferring a “negative right” upon Microvision;
    • claim Microvision as “patent troll”;
    • and of course develop their own portfolio of “petty” patents to fragment Microvision’s IP portfolio.

    What’s needed is proactive, relentless, ruthless and effective IP portfolio management at Microvision… something similar to what was sucessfully done [and continues to be] at Qualcomm.

    About 12 years ago, I had the opportunity of managing a semi-conductor company about three miles away from Qualcomm in San Diego. During the course of my tenure I made friends with a few Qualcomm executives and learned a few things about their patents and IP management as an asset… especially with a serious understanding of their company’s major [if not entire] business model that was based around licensing and royalty.
    I still remember the “lobby wall” at Qualcomm with over 850 issued patents [currently over 1,200] framed and displayed proudly. Qualcomm’s patents were for CDMA technology and at the time [in 1996] they knew it would some day power billions of cell phones worldwide. Qualcomm managed their IP assets proactively, relentlessly, ruthlessly and very effectively… that is until recently before the Broadcomm debacle which cost them $891 million dollars.

    Recently, IEEE Spectrum has refreshed its annual assessment of IP portfolios in different technology sectors… including Electronics where Microvision is cited. There is a wealth of information there and a further in-depth study [and research] by an experienced professional will quickly reveal where the future infringers, challengers, claimers and “patent trolls’ of Microvision IP portfolio are at work.

    Anant Goel

  15. MVIS: Come Join the Party

    The continued and almost parabolic rise [from the recent lows] in stocks [like MVIS] & major indices is almost a case study as to why it pays to stay invested. For those investors who got shaken out by the almost unrelenting selling witnessed in November [last year] and in the beginning of March [this year], the move up since has been equally as distressing… for those who stayed on the sidelines.

    While a bounce from the lows was widely expected, the fact that it has been sustained for so long is interesting. Since the beginning of March, the major indices have moved up by over 30% [and MVIS moved up 168%], truly showcasing the Market in its most manic state.

    The short sellers are now gritting their teeth by day and grinding them at night as nothing seems effective to prompt a sell-off. Neither poor corporate profitability nor tempered economic forecasts have been able to do the trick. Throw in a …gosh…global swine flu pandemic and the market just shrugged. In fact, the move up by the market has been among the most parabolic in its recorded history.

    There is an overwhelming expectation for some kind of a pullback by many market participants. However, when it will occur and to what degree is still a matter of conjecture, and in many instances, religion. The almost daily move up has caused the bears to growl even longer as the wound inflicted is now becoming gangrenous. The bear trap rally that they have been cautioning against is becoming more and more like something else. It appears that the psychology of the market seems to be shifting. No longer does it appear that investors are looking down at the bottom. Instead, they are, it appears, to be looking up at the rays of sunlight. While no presupposition as to which direction the market is going in the short-term is being offered, the long-term thesis is that this crisis will indeed pass and the market [and MVIS stock] will be in a better and stronger position 36 to 48 months from now.

    As it pertains to the outlook for energy, the price of crude oil appears to be stabilizing above the $50.00 per barrel level as investor optimism about the near-term outlook for the global economy looks to be growing. This is being bolstered by comments from Ben Bernanke today that the recession appears to be losing some of its bite and that the housing market is showing some kind of stabilization. This essentially portends a rebound in economic activity for the main street and eventually an increase in demand for the commodity… and hopefully create some jobs.

    This does not mean that things will get better right away, but it does mean that we’re not about to slip down into the abyss. Well, at least thus far.

    Anant Goel