Microvison ranks #1 U.S. Company in 2010 IEEE Patent Scorecard for Electronics

Matt Nichols

March 19th, 2010
by Matt Nichols

In the just-released 2010 report that IEEE does on ranking overall ‘patent power’, Microvision ranks #1 for U.S. companies in the top 20 electronics companies, ahead of Apple and Xerox (the only other two U.S. companies ranked in the top 20). Overall, Microvision ranks #13 worldwide, up from 17th place in 2009.  Great job by the Microvison patent and technology teams! See http://spectrum.ieee.org/static/patentpower2010  for the  report, done in several categories.

In this evaluation, the Adjusted Pipeline Impact (API) score indicates how frequently a company’s patents from the previous five years were cited by other patents, adjusting for self-citation.  Microvision scored 1st in API out of the Top 20 electronics companies.

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4 Responses to “Microvison ranks #1 U.S. Company in 2010 IEEE Patent Scorecard for Electronics”

  1. smarthousesys Says:

    Great on the patent scorecard but why is the ISO 9001 certificate on the website out of date.

  2. videoctr Says:

    Congratulations! Global domination to follow.

  3. John Says:

    That’s nice. Now if only we could grab hold of some friggin green lasers!

  4. Good catch on the ISO 9001 certificate. Updated certificate has been uploaded. thanks!