Top 100 Companies to Work For

Meghan Juneman

July 20th, 2009
by Meghan Juneman

Hello! My name is Meghan and I’m a little new to the Displayground. I work in HR and recently submitted Microvision into Seattle Business magazine’s contest of top 100 companies to work for. Surprise, surprise, Microvision landed at #27 in the mid-size business category. (I think we should have been higher, to be honest).

So how’d we do it?

In Microvision’s culture, we work hard and then we work harder.  We encourage employees to invest in themselves and in their careers; employees are given opportunities to set their own potential growth plan with the assistance of managers and HR.  We value independent thinking and leadership; and finally we value being innovative!  Microvision has one of the strongest patent portfolio’s due in no small part to having a bunch of really smart and business savvy players on our team.  It’s the employees that work here who shape our culture into something that is not easy to replicate.

We have a wide range of benefits, we offer a college tuition reimbursement program, discounted gym memberships as well as have a small gym on location, Passport discount card (holy cow there’s a lot of great restaurants that take this card!!!), travel discounts and a café and barista onsite (she rocks!).  Our medical, dental, vision, long and short term disability insurance is paid for the employees.  Flexible scheduling is our norm and we offer work from home/telecommuting programs as well if a person’s role or responsibilities can support it. We also have an awesome (mostly because I run it) commuter program that gives monthly incentives for alternative commuting.

These are just a few things that set us apart from other companies. Yeah, it’s pretty great around here. I like to brag :)

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7 Responses to “Top 100 Companies to Work For”

  1. Simon Says:


    I live in Dundee, Scotland and came across your company when I saw a tweet about the amazing little projector you are developing. Myself and a couple of friends are coming across to Seattle at the end of August to visit an old schoolfriend who now works for the big M company of Seattle. Where is your company based exactly. I am also very interested in this alternative commuter programme you run as I have recently graduated as a Town Planner and start a job as a travel advisor next week.
    Simon, Dundee

  2. Nice! A little bragging is, as in your case, very appropriate. It is great to see someone who enjoys their work. GO MVIS-IMAGES by “PicoP”!

  3. joseph Says:

    Do your employees get stock options?

  4. Rob Clark Says:

    Nice to see the employee support at Microvision. I have followed the company for many years (the yahoo message board is really weird). Phenomenal technologies. I live accross the Sound in Bremerton and have been accumulating shares. I wouldn’t mind visiting Headquarters some day. Nice blog and congrats!


  5. Meghan Juneman Says:

    Hi Simon,

    Microvision is in fact co-located with “the big M”, as you put it, in the great Pacific Northwest in Redmond, WA (that is about 15 miles east of Seattle).

    As far as our commuter program, we offer a variety of resources for employees. Probably the most popular is our monthly incentive program where we offer gift cards to those employees that commute alternatively (basically you don’t drive a car alone: instead bike to work, carpool, take the bus, etc) twice or more a week. Beyond our monthly incentives commuters employees enter into drawings and other participate in other promotional programs. Our current promotion is the Tour De Redmond; we have our own Microvision biking team: the Full Spectrum Riders. Employees can sign up to join the team and compete against other Redmond Companies, trying to reduce the monthly commutes. GO Full Spectrum Riders!!! Wahoo!!!

    We also have bike racks and storage, showers, and commuter fairs to promote these alternatives to employees (you’d be surprised how many employees simply don’t know about these programs unless they’re beaten over the head with them!), etc. We also help our employees find other people that are driving a similar commute for carpooling and vanpooling!

    In the end, some of the little things can make a difference for employees when it comes to trying to reduce the number of commutes. I don’t know about you, but at the end of the day we all just want to get home, as quickly as we can and do a little something for our environment.

  6. Meghan Juneman Says:

    Hey Joseph,

    We do offer employees stock options. This has been a great incentive for employees to put a stake in their future.

  7. Meghan Juneman Says:

    Hi Rosa,

    I appreciate the interest you have in Microvision, as of now we do not have any openings in our sales team, however I encourage you to check back we keep our job openings listed on our careers site.