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Pico Projector Market Forecast

April 30th, 2014
by Dawn Goetter

Earlier this week we posted to our social media sites a reference to a market research report on pico projector growth over the next several years. As is sometimes the case with social media, upon closer inspection of content, in this case the forecasts in the report, we realized that the data point for 2013 did not seem accurate to us when compared to other industry forecasts and our own tracking of the market. In fact it was in the neighborhood of 10 times higher. We believe that assessments of the 2013 market value for pico projection in the low hundreds of millions (USD) from two to three million units are more accurate and the new report forecasting over three billion USD from twenty five million units was an anomaly. We have since taken the posts down from our social media channels and we apologize for any confusion the information we shared may have caused our followers.

Microvision is now on Facebook

Miguel Khoury

August 18th, 2010
by Miguel Khoury

We’ve established a page on Facebook. Stop by and hit the “like” button!






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