The Displayground Blog. The Good, and Bad.

Matt Nichols

September 23rd, 2009
by Matt Nichols

In July we started asking you to share your impressions on the Displayground blog. We wanted to know what we were doing right and wrong, and how we could continue to make the Displayground blog an interesting information source for our many visitors.

Capturing the data from survey responses, here are some interesting results to date.

  • Visitors identify themselves as primarily investors (87%), the balance are students, partners, potential customers…and a few competitors (thank you competitors for visiting  the best pico projector technology site on the planet!).
  • Overall, visitors are satisfied (61.1%) or extremely satisfied (20%) with the blog. (12.2%) neutral, (2.2%) dissatisfied and (4.4%) extremely dissatisfied.
  • The #1 request: we ‘want more’ information on what the company is doing.
  • Graphical appeal was very high, with (57.3%) satisfied, (29.3%) extremely satisfied.
  • 89% of visitors check out the Displayground at least once per week.

Comments and suggestions shared were varied. Here is a sampling (unedited) of your opinions on the Displayground:

  • The blog is good mixture of key members of the team with relevant and interesting content
  • Too much hype and not enough objectivity
  • More updates on R&D and the status of upcoming products is always appreciated
  • Needs more insight
  • Given the understandable need for you to play the cards close to your chest, I think the Displayground has done a good job of sharing information and eliciting responses from potential end users and from current shareholders
  • Actually, I’m between satisfied and extremely satisfied. I’d like to see an update on Corning and Osram building mass production facilities for their green lasers
  • I like the information, but I would like to here more about deals with OEMs
  • I enjoy the site, obviously there is only so much information that you can legally publicly disclose in this kind of forum
  • Great source of “real” information and updates
  • I would like to see videos showing different uses of the PicoP display engine
  • More Posts-Please
  • Love it; would like to see even more participation
  • Would like more detailed and updated info
  • I’d like to hear more information about what Microvision is doing, and less about the overall market, trade shows, etc. I used to check the blog every day, but I don’t anymore, because it seems to be mostly commentary about things other than what the company is doing to progress towards launch, embedded, etc
  • Would like to see more of how your meetings and events went, in your own opinions
  • There needs to be more valuable information instead of recapping press releases. Some of the non-press release blogs tend to be somewhat vague. I guess I’m looking for more hands-on-type of information that doesn’t necessarily give away any secrets

The point of any survey is to actually do something with the data and take appropriate actions based on trends and real feedback.

So, what did we hear you say, and what can we do to address some of your suggestions?  Based on your input, our goals moving forward are to keep doing the things you like while staying within the boundaries of fair disclosure, plus:

  • Provide you insight into what’s going on at Microvision
  • Bring more video posts to the blog, providing you with a view of our products and developments, and for you to meet our very cool team members…who all want to be stars on YouTube!
  • Respond as fast as possible to the questions you post
  • Provide a better balance of blog posts that give you some insight on the trends in the pico projector display industry
  • Post ‘interviews’ with some of our senior staff
  • Continue listening to your feedback!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey. Developing the Displayground to be a consistent and informative blog site has been an exciting adventure for the entire blog team. Keep on sending your comments and suggestions. We love hearing from you!

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11 Responses to “The Displayground Blog. The Good, and Bad.”

  1. If you can do the things that you post in your goals, then this would be a great site not only for investors, but for potential buyers as well. I became heavily invested in your stock after watching Alex’s demonstration on the Redmond news channel sometime back. After some due diligence I honestly think this could be the next Intel, Yahoo etc..
    I’m just sorry I couldn’t make it to the ASM a few weeks ago to meet all of you. I already know I will buy multiple units for friends and family members. Please keep us informed as much as possible.

  2. If you can do the things that you wrote about in your blog, then this will be a great site. Much better than the Yahoo bulletin board, that’s so full of crap. I’ve been waiting to buy one these devices since I saw Alex demonstrate it on the local Redmond news sometime ago. I would also buy several for family,friends and business associates.
    I think you guys could be the next Intel.

  3. I would strongly encourage the selling of a Stand-Alones to the VIPs as soon as possible. It was mentioned that the first customer may buy the entire initial stock. This would be extremely disappointing and defeats the promise to the VIPs of getting first-dibs. Just imagine the community response from VIPs posting YouTube videos of what they’re doing with their Microvision branded stand-alones. Viral blogger madness!

  4. Martin Hillerby Says:

    I hope I would get a quick response to my questions as you did say you’d “Respond as fast as possible to the questions you post”.

    My questions are this….>>> 1. Do you still plan to give the people who signed up with VIP the first chance to buy the SHOW WX when you have it availble to ship, which you said will be in several weeks?

    It seems that a while back there was a problem with people getting an email during a time some got one and others didn’t.

    2. Have you fixed that problem and made sure those who signed up are in fact still signed up and will get future emails?

    Thanks for your hard work here making us understand your want to be informative and yet under restrictions from the SEC. It is well appreciated.

  5. Yes, the game’s on and the umpire is in place… now, can we play… please!

    Anant Goel

  6. Fair questions, and we wish we could give you a more concrete answer on the timing for when you can directly purchase a SHOWWX, but we can’t at this time. We’ll do our best to keep VIP members informed of when and where units could be available if they want to purchase. In terms of e-mails getting to VIP members, we can directly see which e-mails get bounced back as ‘not delivered’. Our e-mail delivery service did have an issue which affected some e-mail accounts, and that is fixed now. On your end, also make sure you accept the VIP e-mail address as non-spam, otherwise it may still get bounced back.

  7. Len Says:

    “We’ll do our best to keep VIP members informed of when and where units (could) be available if they want to purchase.”

    Matt, did you read this line that you wrote? This is the language of our slippery politicians… Could you change the word (could) to (would)? LOL!

  8. Matt, from what I see here, you are ahead of 95% of public companies when it comes to online investor relations. (The other 5% are our clients :-) )

    I especially like the fact that you shared both positive and negative information. Tells me you have an organization that is more interested in the truth, rather than spin.

    Keep this up and you’ll end up with a big shareholder community in a couple of years that will pay you dividends for years to come. I just may have to buy shares in you – or at the very least, blog about you as an example for others.


    George Tsiolis

  9. Martin Hillerby Says:

    Thanks for the quick response as you said you would. There are many investors wondering two things though.

    One is…>>> “will the VIP list get first chance to buy a SHOW WX??? Yes or No please. I don’t believe you answered that directly only saying we’d get informed of “when and where they’d be available”.

    Two is ” What caused the delay in “shipping by late summer” as Alex was quoted as saying to Forbes magazine in a link on Corning’s web site???….>>>>

    Alex also promised us at the Q4 2008 Earnings CC March 2009 that we’d have better clarity regarding the green lasers the next time he spoke…>>>

    Alex…>>>”We have weekly meetings with green laser partners and at every level within each organization and we feel comfortable we’re going to get volume to have commercial product starting mid-year in the second half of 2009. How many exact units? I think I will provide you with much greater clarity next time we talk.”

    He’s talked three times in six months since then but still no clarity. Could you explain why we haven’t got clarity on the numbers of green lasers from Corning yet? As investors we’ve waited for quite some time for this clarity. Is this the reason for the delay in shipping by late summer, or are there other difficulties in shipping by that late summer time you’ve now encounterd? Thanks for any help in understanding the delay.

    Martin Hillerby

  10. C M Says:

    I was wondering about the VIP e-mail distribution. I haven’t seen anything from there in months. I have received only 3 e-mails from there. Has there been any more sent out?

  11. ray Says:

    Could you please comment on the inability of MVIS’ technology to achieve a Class 1 laser safety classification and the potential impact on its consumer electronics products? Thanks.