Matt Nichols

Fondly referred to by co-workers as the 'Spin Doctor', Matt has been leading Microvision's communications efforts since 1997. He is the primary corporate spokesperson with the global media and market analysts and manages the branding activities of the company. Prior to Microvision Matt managed the communications activites for a variety of public and private companies. His experience covers technology, packaged goods and retail. Matt obtained his undergraduate degree from Stanford University. His goal with communication: keep it simple, keep it meaningful and relevant, keep it alive.

Back to School Promotion for SHOWWX

Matt Nichols

August 19th, 2010
by Matt Nichols

Check out the details on our back to school promotion for SHOWWX.  And, read the feature story about SHOWWX for back to school.

Dorm room movie night with the SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector.

Microvision, Intel and Capcom Showcase ‘Game Changing’ Demo at Intel Extreme Masters Season V

Matt Nichols

July 29th, 2010
by Matt Nichols

PicoP First-Person Shooter Gaming Gun Prototype (wireless, 720p HD-Ready) Showcased At Intel Extreme Masters Season V in Shanghai

You are trudging through a wind-blown snowfield, and as the ice cracks before you, giant alien bugs emerge, trying to skewer you.  Fortunately, it’s only a video game – “Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – Colonies Edition” from CapCom — and you are well equipped to fight back.  But there’s no mouse and no PC monitor this time; instead, you can intuitively point and shoot with your 720p HD-ready PicoP® display engine-equipped controller.  In Shanghai July 29 through August 1 — the first stop on Intel Extreme Masters Season V global eSports league — Microvision’s wireless 720p laser pico projector-based game controller prototype demonstrates how first-person game playing can be much more immersive.

Microvision is participating by invitation in the Intel Extreme Masters V global eSports league to promote and capture consumer feedback on the new gaming display capability.  This is the second tour that Microvision has made with Intel to promote the gaming demo and supports our goal to work with potential partners to bring the laser-based technology to market for gaming applications.

George Woo, Intel Corporation’s Marketing Manager of the Intel Extreme Masters, commented about this new season’s touring event, “we are very excited to continue our relationship with Microvision, who is one of our key innovation partners of our gaming showcase.  As we promote our 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition as the world’s fastest, smartest PC processor, it is ideal to have Microvision showcasing their 2nd generation PicoP technology, which we believe matches our ‘Game Changer’ theme and will provide consumers a great new way to game.  Consumers will be able to trial the PicoP technology in our gaming showcase for this IEM season.”

Seon King, Senior Director of Media and Consumer Products for Capcom Entertainment, Inc. commented, “Capcom is delighted to team up with Microvision in showcasing their HD PicoP display engine peripheral with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition – Colonies Edition, which was developed on Capcom’s own MT Framework game engine.  Both firms are committed to driving technology to bring new experiences to gamers and evolving the gaming industry.”

Coffee Meeting…SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector via iPod

Matt Nichols

July 14th, 2010
by Matt Nichols

I had only about 15 minutes this morning to give a quick pitch about SHOWWX during a coffee meeting. I gave my short 5 slide presentation via my SHOWWX connected to my iPod.  The location was very bright so I used a piece of paper as my screen, propped up by some accomodating coffee cups.   As you can see from the photo, the projected image is about 12″ wide, and despite being in a very bright environment the image quality was totally acceptable for my presentation requirements.

To project a Powerpoint presentation with SHOWWX via my iPod (you can do the same with iPhone) I converted my presentation to images so they would be an iPod readable file.  This is easy to do.  Here’s how:

1. In the File – Save As menu inside of PowerPoint, save each slide as a .JPG file.

2. Create a folder with the images of your PowerPoint slides and title it appropriately. (For example, “Presentation for iPod)

3. Sync iPod with iTunes on your computer.

4. Click on the iPod and click the Photos tab. Click on iPod listed under Devices, then click the Photos tab.

5. Check the box “Sync Photos From”. Then click the radial box “Selected Folders”. Click the check box next to the folder with your presentation in it, then click Sync.

6. Now your Folder will be on your iPod in the Photos app.

7. Connect your SHOWWX to your iPod.

8. Open the Photos app on your iPod and tap the folder with your presentation to open.

9. Tap the play icon on the iPod. Project images from SHOWWX.

I hope your coffee meetings with SHOWWX go as easily as mine.  Cheers!

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