Matthew Carmean

Matthew Carmean joined Microvision in 2004 and currently serves as the Product Manager, Pico Projector Accessory. Matthew is responsible for defining market requirements and the features for the accessory product. Matthew has led Microvision's market research initiatives and works closely with Engineering and Customers. Matthew brings a creative eye, consumer business savvy, and a passion for creating a completely new experience for mobile content. Previously Matthew has worked in a variety of Marketing roles within Microvision. Matthew has a BA from the University of Washington and a broad understanding of Web Technologies.

CES Wrap up

Matthew Carmean

January 10th, 2010
by Matthew Carmean

Hey Guys!

We have just finished up today at CES. It was a great show, and I want to thank all my team mates for their outstanding 20 hour days to make this event successful. Here’s a quick recap of the key highlights.

We are totally jazzed to win the CES Honoree Innovations Award in the “Best in Mobile Accessory” category. PLUS…we were the winner in “Last Gadget Standing” on-line vote. The press coverage from this win alone translates to a very significant awareness boost. Expect to see some additional TV press coverage around the world from many stations/programs that shot stories at our booth, and plan to broadcast following CES. We will post all the buzz we find on our Buzz page over the coming days.

We are now focused on gearing up for our U.S. launch of SHOWWX, and after thousands of demonstrations of the product here, we are ecstatic to finally bring it to the U.S. It is still quite amazing to hear visitor after visitor say “That’s Awesome!”. We are really feeling good about this direct validation from actual end users about the product’s performance and functionality with a variety of devices including the iPod.

Our teammates Dave Lashmet and Andrew Rosen also did a great job of presenting the PicoP enabled application for first person gaming. While this is still a prototype, here’s an enthusastic review by gaming guru, Devin Coldewey, from Crunch Gear.

Off in our private meeting space, we had numerous meetings with companies interested in embedding our PicoP display engine into their next generation products. Customers who have already purchased our PicoP Evaluation Kit during 2009 are now getting in line for samples which are expected to be available at the end of the first quarter/early second quarter.

Finally, at our booth in the iLounge area we had a wonderful time delighting visitors with fun and humor from our Dr. Evil and Austin Powers look-a-like. The synergy between the world’s leading evil ‘laser’ villain, and his arch nemesis ‘groovy baby’ character was a big hit! Check it out Y’all!

See you back in the Northwest and more to come!

Relive the Captured Moment

Matthew Carmean

May 26th, 2009
by Matthew Carmean

What is the main difference between a digital camera and a film based camera? For me it boils down to immediacy to relive that captured moment. I’m sure some will argue the quality, the capacity, the reproduction, etc. But for the average user I believe it comes down to how “quickly” can I capture, view, store, and finally share and relive that moment. Polaroid was successful with the instant camera exactly because it was easy to load, capture, and quick to share. That same process is now digital and even easier to share through the internet.

Even though more and more people are sharing photos and videos online, a recent study conducted by the NPD Group Recent Digital Camera Buyer Imaging Behavior Study found 21% of men and 11% of women reported connecting their cameras to a TV to view video clips. I am sure one of the driving factors behind connecting to the TV is to relive and share the captured experience with friends and family in a larger screen format. I believe this further illustrates just one market opportunity for a SHOWWX pico projector and even an embedded projector inside that digital camera. No more connecting to a fixed TV, you can now share literally anywhere and not need a TV.

Enthusiastic for Microvision’s Pico Projector

Matthew Carmean

February 24th, 2009
by Matthew Carmean

Phones galore – sorta. Mobile World Congress not only had all the usual “coming soon” phones but some of the more innovative devices were the Mobile Internet Devices (MID) and NetBooks. These devices are smaller than a laptop, but bigger than a cell phone. Sitting right in between these categories means the user compromises on both form factor, and performance, but still has a mobile device. For these users we’ve seen an accessory pico projector is quite compelling.

Check out one of the Interviews Russell Hannigan did at MWC with the Guys from Mobile Industry Review. I would say they are enthusiastic about PicoP. Tell me what you think?

The Microvision Mobile Projector from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

Link: MIR Show HD – Microvision Projector

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